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What to do if you have low self-esteem

What to do if you have low self-esteem

Self-doubt - the cause of most problems and troubles in life.

This can include how and personal life and professional sphere ... And all because a person thinks himself unworthy of it.



Do not compare yourself with others.
Although most people are unsure and do. Each person has their own goals and benefits needed to achieve it. The only one with whom to compare themselves and compete to be the best - it is you yourself.


Do not make excuses.
All your apologies and excuses just drop youin the eyes of others. If something is not done so - just calmly explain why you did so. Try to say all that, though it is not a bug at all, and your vision of the situation or problem.


Forgive Me their failures.
In the end, we are not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, but do not torture yourself with it until the end of life? Perceive it in a positive way: each committed an error will help you avoid this in the future.


Do not feel sorry for yourself.
From this no one would be better: neither you nor the people who surround you. Constant complaints, on the contrary, would annoy others, and they will see you in person, unable to cope with difficulties and challenges.


How it would just not sound, but it really works. Do not miss the event, passing in front of the mirror - smile himself. Smile others. Smile life!

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