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WHAT to do if you forgot your login


What to do if you forgot your login

To enter your personal page on social networks,E-mail uses special accounts - login and password, which the user comes up with himself. But sometimes there are troubles associated with the loss of login.

How in this case go to your page?

There is always a way out. First, try to remember your login. Look at your entries, the phone book: perhaps, you did write down your login somewhere for reliability. You just need to remember where.

If you forgot your login in Odnoklassniki,The problem can be solved within a few minutes. First go to the main page of the site and find the window where the accounts are specified. Below is a link with the inscription "Forgot username or password?". Click on it and go to the next page.

Here you will need to enter your ownE-mail or mobile phone number that you specified during registration on the network. Without these data, it is unlikely that the login will be restored. Then enter the security code in the special window and click "Continue". Within a few minutes you will receive a message with your code to your email address or phone. You will need to enter it in a special field on the new page.

After you type the six-digitCombination received in the message, click "Confirm" and go to the next page where you can restore access to your page. After all the operations performed, the combination that you used to enter the site appears in the "Login" column in the top line of the window that opens. Then in the next line enter the valid password and duplicate it again. Now click Continue.

Return to the main page, enterNecessary data and click "Login". If you only have access to the computer, it is convenient to use the auto-save password feature. In this case, you do not have to constantly enter your login and password.

Unfortunately, it is somewhat more difficult to restore the login in other social networks than in "Odnoklassniki". But if you tied your phone to your page, the situation is easy to fix.

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