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WHAT to do, if not entered the institute


What to do if I did not go to college</a>

Entering an institute or a university is rather difficult, especially if you decided to go to the budget office the first time, where dozens of people claim for one place.

You can get a higher education in a different way, if you do not despair at once and go to your goal no matter what.

If you did not pass the competition for a budgetBranch, try to act on a fee basis. Pay only for the first year of training. With a good performance in all subjects, you will be able to transfer to a budget department. Since the second year you will not have to pay for your studies.

Commercial universities accept from applicantsDocuments much later, when there is a major influx of people not enrolled in the state educational institution. You will receive a diploma from the state, as all commercial educational institutions have state accreditation and work on quite legitimate grounds. It is much easier to study in such educational institutions, with a great desire you can become a good specialist if you aspire to get the whole course of training knowledge, and not pay for the regular session.

College is another option for learning on the way toHigher education. Most of these educational institutions have agreements with universities that, after the completion of profile education, successful students are enrolled in the second or third year of the university. Accordingly, you practically will not lose a single year, go to a higher educational institution outside the competition and be able to achieve the intended goal.

In addition, there are still options for admission. By the competition you did not pass because of insufficient level of preparation. Register for courses that are held at an educational institution, where you did not enter. Simultaneously, get a job, preferably close to the profile specialty, which you plan to further master. Next year, you will already know exactly whether you need this profession, and have sufficient level of preparation for re-admission.

There are many more options. For example, study abroad. If you are not enrolled in an institute or university in the Russian Federation, check out the online ads that advertise the possibility of studying abroad in your home country. You can enroll in a higher education institution for a free department, but you will have to have enough money to live and travel.

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