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WHAT to do if there is no possibility to pay on the loan


What to do if there is no possibility to pay the loan</a>

Most Russians today have credit obligations. Unfortunately, sometimes in life there are situations when there is no possibility to pay on the loan.

And often these circumstances do not depend on the will of the client.

Delay in wages, dismissals, administrative leave ...

And sometimes it can be a divorce, a fire, a robbery. If there is insurance for certain cases, then for others there is not.

What to do?

First of all, do not panic or hide. "Ostrich policy" to anything. It is better to immediately come to the bank and honestly explain that you can not continue to pay the loan. Then there are three possible options: postponement, loan restructuring or refinancing. What is it?

Let's start with a delay. Sometimes, the worsening of your financial situation is temporary - sudden reduction or administrative leave. If both you and the bank are sure that after a while everything will be normal, you can write a statement about the delay. Postponement can be granted for a period of 3 months to a full year. Naturally, at this time neither penalties nor any interest are accrued.

Restructuring is, more simply, a changeLoan conditions for more sparing. For example, you have a lower salary. Then the bank simply extends the loan term, which reduces the amount of monthly payments. You can agree on a reduction in the interest rate. Everything depends on the specific situation. Do not be afraid to talk to the manager about the restructuring. It is more profitable for a bank to get from you at least some money and interest, than not to get anything and to "set" collectors on you.

Refinancing is a more complex tool, hereWill require the participation of a third party. As a rule, another bank acts as a third person. If restructuring is not possible, you should look for a loan on more favorable terms in another bank. Then, with this loan taken over, cover that loan and pay it. The difficulty of the situation is that it is not always possible to find a more profitable loan. Moreover, if you have credit obligations, another bank may refuse to grant you funds. You can also find a way out: take another credit in the same bank and block the previous one. For example, you took a car loan and covered it with a car loan. The main thing is to compare interest rates and explain to managers what you want to do.

What you should not do is refer toCenters for microfinance or in microloan offices. As a rule, they are applied to cover a single monthly payment. But one payment of problems does not solve. Moreover - you will have to give it to them next month.

If you are pressed by "collectors" and bankers, it hasMeaning to appeal to anti-collectors. Usually these are professional lawyers who specialize in such credit operations. They will help to achieve a more "sparing" loan repayment regime, and in which case they will represent you to the bank in court.

But remember - banks are more profitable to give you to pay,Than to spend time and money on the court and collectors. Therefore, even if you have delayed several payments, it makes sense to come to the bank and find a solution to the situation. The main thing is, explain that you recognize the debt and are ready to pay. Then you will definitely meet.

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