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WHAT to do if you are scared


What to do if you are scared</a>

Fear is the basic emotion that has a very strong effect on a person's life.

Fighting it is difficult, but almost always necessary, since its paralyzing effect can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Assessing your state

First of all, it is necessary to remember why we needThat give a person emotions. After all, fear is an experience, a feeling, an emotion. Just one of many. Emotions are a response to the correspondence or non-correspondence of reality to expectations and needs, an assessment of what is happening. Emotions energetically and functionally prepare the body for behavior that is adequate to this assessment.

To defeat fear, you need to perform severalSteps. First, you need to stop, listen to yourself and your feelings (including bodily). It is the body's reactions that allow you to accurately recognize emotions.

If you experience fear, then something in yourSurroundings are perceived or recognized by your body as something dangerous to your mental or physical integrity. Realize this, calm yourself, look around and evaluate the situation with the mind. Based on this assessment, you need to determine what kind of development of this dangerous situation you want, what kind of development you can expect, what exactly you need to do.

Take Action! It drives away fear

Having assessed the situation from all sides, having realized their ownOpportunities, start acting. By and large, once you start doing something, changing the situation, fighting, fear disappears, because from a passive, waiting state, you go into the active one. Do not forget to assess the changing situation.

The fact is that people very rarely understand their ownEmotions to the end. In childhood, many people are generally forbidden to feel in a certain sphere. Boys are forbidden to be afraid, girls are angry. Suppression of emotions does not lead to anything good. Especially in view of the fact that this suppression does not allow us to correctly assess our reactions, to choose the course of action.

When you are scared, make every effort to take control of the situation in their own hands. As soon as you feel that you started to control the situation, fear will go away.

If we talk about obsessive, disturbing fear,Then the most important thing is to start acting. An attempt to analyze this kind of fear only increases it. Therefore, you need to stop, take a few deep breaths and exhale and start acting, as if skipping the intermediate steps. Perhaps the chosen line of action is already illogical or incorrect in the process, in this case, do not hesitate to change it, but do not freeze halfway, starting to analyze again what is happening. This will not lead to anything good, you just "wind" yourself without any use.

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