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What to do if you are afraid

Fear - a basic emotion that greatly affects a person's life.

Fight hard with him, but almost always necessary because its paralyzing effect can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Evaluation of the condition

First of all, you must remember, and why do we needthat give people emotions. After all, fear - it is an experience, a feeling, an emotion. Just one of the many. Emotions are a response to compliance or noncompliance reality expectations and needs assessment of what is happening. Emotions energetically and functionally prepare the body to conduct that adequately this assessment.

To conquer fear, you need to perform severalsteps. First you need to stop and listen to yourself and your feelings (including corporal). This reaction of the body can accurately identify emotions.

If you feel fear, it means that something in yourSurrounded by perceived or recognized by your body as something dangerous to your mental or physical integrity. Realize this, calm yourself, look back and assess the situation wisely. Based on this assessment, you need to determine what the development of this dangerous situation, you want some of you can expect what you need to do.

Take action! It banishes fear

Assessing the situation from all sides are aware of theiropportunities, begin to act. By and large, once you start to do something to change the situation, fight, fear disappears, because of the passive, expectant state, you go into active. Do not forget to evaluate the changing situation.

The fact that people rarely understand theiremotion until the end. As a child, many feel the general ban in some specific area. Boys prohibit fear girls - angry. Suppression of emotions does not lead to anything good. Especially considering the fact that this suppression prevents properly evaluate their responses to choose a course of action.

When you scared, make every effort to take control of the situation into their own hands. As soon as you feel that you have begun to control the situation, the fear will go away.

If we talk about the obsessive, disturbing fearIt is important to begin to act. Trying to analyze this kind of fear only increases it. Therefore, you need to stop, take a few deep breaths and begin to act as if skipping the intermediate steps. Perhaps the chosen line of action already in the process will seem illogical or wrong, in this case, do not hesitate to change it, but never stops halfway, starting again to analyze what is happening. It will not lead to anything good, you just "Screw" themselves without any sense.

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