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Although the reliability of plates, their performance may sometimes become unstable. One of the most unpleasant situations can occur when it is blocked when you turn on the tablet.

In this article, we'll show you how to deal with this problem on devices with Android operating system.

There are two main causes ofproblems with the locking plate. First, when a person simply forgets a password or pattern, which is necessary to log on. The second reason - virus infection, which locks the device.

The first thing to be done to unlocktablet - to try to remember the password, and make several attempts to enter it. If all attempts fail, the device prompts you to enter your login and password from your account on Google. If you remember them, then everything is fine. Enter your details and use the tablet. If you have forgotten your username and password from your Google Account, you can try to recover them using a computer.

Some tablets have a special button«Recovery», which allows you to "roll back" to the backup. This makes it possible to return to the state when the unit was not locked. Of course you need to have been appropriate restore point. This method is an excellent option when infecting virus plate.

Another method is to restore the accesswith the help of special programs, which are supplied by the manufacturer, complete with tablet computer. In addition, these programs can help to remember the name of the email account on Google.

If none of the above methods are nothelp, do not be upset. Restore access to the tablet is possible through Hard Reset (hard reset). To do this, simultaneously hold down the power button and volume up button. After that boot menu from which to select the Settings, then the Format Settings and Reset Android. At the same time, be aware that all user data, except those on the memory card will be lost after this operation. The tablet will be back to factory settings. However, after that you can start using it as if nothing had happened.

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