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What if the tablet hung

What if the tablet hung

Tablet computers are extremely popular nowadays.

Well, when the unit pleases you with its smooth operation, but what to do if the tablet hangs and does not respond to any of your actions?



The easiest way to deal with unresponsivedevice - to restart it. Press the power button, wait a few seconds. Make sure that the device is turned off. After a few minutes make an attempt to turn it back on.


If the tablet does not turn off or turn on itHe continued to hang, remove any additional devices. This may be the SIM card, memory card, modem, battery. Leave for a few minutes to rest and then return to their seats accessories, make a turn again.


But what to do if the tablet freezes, and these methods do not help? Try the most radical method - a full reset Hard Reset.


Typically, such an operation is completely rebooted the entire system of the device, and therefore can be lost contacts, settings, installed applications.


It is also desirable to remove before the restart of the tablet card. Although it should not happen anything, but there were cases when after Hard Reset, it stopped working.


If even a complete restart does not help, thenmost likely, the device does not have problems in the software and in hardware, so you should contact an authorized service. Depending on the brand of tablet Samsung repair service, Lenovo, Asus, etc.

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