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WHAT to do if the tablet hangs


What should I do if the tablet hangs</a>

Tablet computers are incredibly popular at the moment.

Well, when the device pleases you with its trouble-free work, but what if the tablet crashes and does not respond to any of your actions?



The easiest way to cope with hungDevice - restart it. Press the power button, wait a few seconds. Make sure that the device is turned off. After a few minutes, try to turn it back on.


If the tablet does not turn off or when you turn it onContinued to hang, remove from it all additional devices. It can be a SIM card, memory card, modem, battery. Leave everything for a few minutes alone, and then return the accessories to their places, try switching on.


But what if the tablet hangs, and these methods did not help? Try the most radical method - a full reset of Hard Reset.


Usually, with this operation, the whole system of the device is completely rebooted, and so contacts, settings, installed applications can be lost.


It is also advisable to remove a memory card from the tablet before performing a reset. Although it should not happen, there were cases when after Hard Reset it stopped working.


If even a full reboot did not help, thenMost likely, the device has problems not in the software, but in the hardware, and therefore you should contact a specialized service. Depending on the tablet brand in the repair service Samsung, Lenovo, Asus, etc.

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