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What to do if the balcony door is not closed

If the balcony door closes bad

Often, owners of apartments, which are made of metal balconies, complain that do not close doors leading to them.

What if this happens - this question is always relevant.

The reason for this phenomenon, as poor closingbalcony door, usually lies in the gradual sagging hinge door design under the weight of the sash or explained to arise in the hardware problems. Most often it fails mechanism to ensure high-quality locking doors.

To choose the right path leading to the elimination of the problem, you first need to understand - what exactly is the reason for its occurrence.

To understand the causes of the problem should be to conduct a thorough diagnosis of opening of the door closing mechanisms. So, you need to visually see at the time of closing.

Fix sagging doors

When the balcony door its lower partIt clings to the threshold, and to close it, it is necessary to lift the flap door on the handle with some effort - it shows that the fold slipped from its weight under the influence of temperature changes or other mechanical factors.
should use laid down in the regulation loops opportunity to eliminate this nuisance. It is enough to lift the flap a little and a little "pull" to the upstream loop of the upper corner.
If the door is not closed due to violationsaction clamping mechanism, while between the frame and the sash appeared gap through which the room gets cold air, something to correct the problem you need to adjust the clamp on the lock side of the balcony door.

Adjusting keys or pliersnecessary to rotate the pin or the locking elements, as they are called, on the lock side door structure until the required degree of tightness is installed.

Moving towards the sash loops

In the case where the door frame graze in the middle part, to be moved closer to the door leaf hinge.

Make a moving flap adjusting key inserted into the side of the screw, is available at the bottom of the loop. Then rotate it until you get to pull the lower edge of the flap as desired.
Next, in the same way it adjuststhe upper hinge. To this end the adjusting key inserted into the upper hinge side screw, by rotating clockwise rotation is performed. Once the flap tightly attracted to the loop, it must be closed.
If this adjustment screws will not get the desired result, you will have to call a specialist.

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