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Bank cards rapidly replacing cash payments. Plastic "purses" and much easier to pay large sums of money may be at hand.

Unfortunately, the common situation is a problem with ATM. From a system failure are not insured by any one user "iron assistant."

Most often ATMs "eat" card or money.

ATM does not give money

If the identification procedure you do not receivecash from an ATM, do not hurry to get upset. The situation in this case may be three - the money is not deducted from your scheta- the operation was successful, but no checks, no bills themselves poluchili- you or you received the report about the alleged transaction performed on paper. In the first case it is better to pick a card and find another ATM.
In the second - take a call and check first inyour bank or the organization that owns the ATM. The operator will need to report a problem, call the transaction number, the ATM and the address at which it is located. Immediately after the call, please visit the nearest branch of your bank and write the corresponding statement about the incident.
If you have not received a check, the algorithm of actionsIt will be the same. Note the ATM screen message. It is better to take a picture on a mobile phone. When writing statements necessarily show a photo of the bank employee. In addition, make a statement with your personal account as a confirmation that the money not be charged or credited. The evidence in this case can be a regular check.
If the ATM took notes, but not enrolled themaccount - the sequence of actions will be the same. Note that a call to the bank is not enough to resolve this situation. Speed ​​up the refund process may be, as a rule, only at personal visit to the bank branch.

How does the refund process

If you are faced with a malfunction of the ATM andmoney left in it, just get ready for the fact that the refund procedure will not happen instantly. Upon written application will need to wait for some time. Lots of these procedures can take up to 45 days.
Refunds carried out onlyAfter collection of the ATM. Based on the information you provided and the presence of an ATM spare, bills, cash or credited to your account, or you are issued in the bank's hand.
Another important point - sometimes in ATMsoccurring technical failures of systems, because of which all operations are carried out in slow motion. It is therefore necessary to wait some time before you call the bank. It is likely that within a few minutes of apparent failure bills still go to the destination.
The process of return of funds may takea long period of time, if after the collection from an ATM is not found an extra amount. In this case, the bank draws a security service, a check is carried out very carefully. Sometimes, cardholders have to go to court to speed up the process.

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