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WHAT to do at normal pressure and high pulse


What to do with normal pressure and high pulse</a>

The cause of high heart rate at normal pressure can be emotional and physical overload, as well as some diseases: endocrine pathologies, heart and vascular diseases, etc.

Under the pulse is the heart rateFor one minute, and its normal value for an adult is 60 - 80 strokes. The frequency of cardiac contractions and the level of blood pressure are closely interrelated and reflect the general state of the cardiovascular system.

Is a high pulse possible at normal pressure

An increase in heart rate to 100 beats per minute and above is called tachycardia. This condition can be observed against a background of normal blood pressure and is caused by the following reasons:
- a natural reaction of the body to external stimuli: high physical stress and emotional stress-
- diseases of internal organs.
In a healthy person, temporary tachycardiaPasses independently. It is enough to calm down a bit or relax from physical overstrain, and the pulse comes back to normal. If the tachycardia is accompanied by pain in the chest, unstable heart function, darkening in the eyes, dizziness and shortness of breath, this may be a symptom of the disease.

What to do if you complain about high heart rate at normal pressure

As first aid with a sharp increase in heart rate, you can use the following methods:
- Unbutton the collar of clothing and ensure free access to the air to the neck and upper chest-
- attach to your forehead a handkerchief or a towel soaked in cold water-
- Hold your breath for a few seconds.
If the attacks of tachycardia are repeated enoughRegularly, it is worth taking care of preventive measures. First, from the diet it is necessary to exclude products containing alcohol and caffeine, since these substances have an exciting effect on the heart. Secondly, it is necessary to give up smoking, because of which there is a narrowing of the blood vessels. Thirdly, if necessary, you need to lose weight and thereby reduce the burden on the heart.
But preventive measures alone are not enoughAnd a person with tachycardia will need a complete examination using diagnostic methods such as ECG, ultrasound examination of the heart, a blood test to determine the level of hormones.

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