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WHAT to choose: claydite block or foam block?


What to choose: claydite block or foam block?</a>

Keramzitoblok and foam block - modern building materials, which have a number of advantages over brick.

The first is made of expanded clay and cement, the second - from cellular concrete, due to their different composition they have different characteristics.

Choose a particular material you need in accordance with their goals and requirements.

Pros and cons of expanded clay block

Ceramsite blocks are large, light and strongBlocks made of expanded clay, known as keramzit, cement and water. The lightness of the material is achieved through the foamy structure of expanded clay, and the shell covering the granules has a high strength. Density keramzitobloka can be different, depending on the method of manufacture - from 400 to 1800 kilograms per cubic meter.
The important advantage of claydite block in comparisonWith many modern building materials - environmental friendliness and safety for health. The second major advantage is a high thermal insulation: the walls of these blocks need not be further strengthened, houses can be built in cold climates.
Keramzitoblocks can be used both in low-rise and high-rise buildings: each block has special voids, in which it is possible to hold a rigid frame.
The size of the block of expanded clay is about fourTimes larger than a brick. Masonry is carried out in the same way as brick, but due to the ease and dimensions it is carried out easier and faster. The claydite block blends well with various building materials. It is easy to handle, and the chemical and physical effects on it are minimal.
Disadvantages keramzitobloka - porosity and relative fragility in comparison with concrete.

Pros and cons of the foam block

The foam block is made of foam concrete,Having a cellular structure, due to which its properties are close to the characteristics of expanded clay blocks. It also has excellent thermal insulation properties - to be more precise, even higher than that of expanded clay, so if your main goal is good warming at home, it is better to choose a foam block.
Penoblocks are also light, which makes them easierTransportation and masonry. The structure of the material makes it easy to verify, saw, and hammer into its surface nails. But for mechanical strength, this is not the best material.
The foam blocks are almost not afraid of dampness, unlikeClaydite blocks, which have a low level of vapor permeability. Concrete cellular blocks pass steam well, allowing houses to "breathe", forming a healthy microclimate and releasing harmful substances out. In summer, this building is cool, and in winter due to good thermal conductivity - heat.
Foam blocks are rarely used in multi-storeyConstruction, but among low-rise buildings occupy one of the first places among all materials. They are very durable and easily bear the cycles of freezing and thawing, unlike claydite.

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