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What to buy instead of a computer mouse?

What to buy instead of a computer mouse?

Computer mouse familiar to any user.

And we have not even remember that instead of a mouse, you can use other gadgets to control your computer.

It should be noted that the use of a mouse in manyprograms is not required, as it is often possible to memorize keyboard shortcuts to call up many functions (remember the famous ctrl + c, ctrl + v). The use of so-called hot keys handy, but some functions will be very inconvenient to use. However, you can not buy a mouse, a device that successfully replace her. First of all, you can remember the following options for input devices:

  • trackball
  • Graphics tablet,
  • touchpad keyboard or separate.

The trackball is a ball on a stand,which is necessary to turn to move the pointer on the screen. Anyone who is familiar with the mechanical (ball) mouse, a trackball is easy to associate with such a ball mouse, inverted base upwards. Trackball works exactly in the same way as the mechanical mouse and management requires adaptation and training.

what Trackball

A graphics tablet is made to enter the graphicinformation, the use of artists and designers in graphic editors. But you can use this tablet and instead of a conventional mouse. Comprising a graphics tablet from the tablet, which is sensitive to touch, a special pen (looks like a plump ballpoint pen). Use this tablet is quite convenient and common programs, where we usually use the mouse.

What is a graphic tablet

Touchpad (touch panel) is well acquaintedkompyuetrov owners. Today you can buy a touchpad that connects via USB to any computer. The most convenient way - the touchpad built into the wireless keyboard. With this keyboard is very comfortable not only the computer, but also to the smart-TV.

What is the touchpad

Helpful advice: in the store, try different input means, then you will understand exactly which device is more convenient for you.

It is interesting that today you can find the original hybrids of the above devices, such as a mouse with a trackball, which can also be handy when used in individual programs.

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