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WHAT to buy for repair in apartment


What to buy for repairs in the apartment</a>

Repair in an apartment is, on the one hand, a very joyful event in a person's life, but on the other hand, it is quite labor-intensive.

To avoid unnecessary waste of effort, money and time, you need to understand for yourself what you want - completely remake your home or just slightly update.

What types of repairs are there and their stages

To ensure that the repair does not turn into a bottomless onePit for pumping out money and did not drag on for a long time, first of all you need to understand what exactly you want to do. If you have an apartment in a new building without finishing, then you need major repairs. In many new houses, apartments are completely naked - just a concrete or panel box. There is nothing at all - no electricians, no plumbing, no interior doors - crooked walls and uneven floor. In this version, you have to do everything from scratch. We need to start overhauling the apartment design.

The design of an apartment is the design of an internal housing space with a definition of where, what and how it will be. Design can be thought out for yourself (there are special programs) or ordered from specialists.

Only after you have decided where and whatWill, you can start the repair yourself. Initially, it can be a wiring of an electrician (without connection to the switchboard), sewerage and water. It is also better to immediately install the front door, if you do not live in an apartment and leave there all the materials and tools for repair. Then it is necessary to level the floor, walls, ceiling (if you do not stretch). All these works are referred to rough drafts. After the apartment is prepared, you can finish finishing - wallpapering, laying floors, installing doors, laying tiles and more. There are a lot of works, but it is also worth remembering that new buildings often shrink (in a few years) and this can damage newly made repairs (cracks in walls, deform doorways, etc.), or make materials with the possibility of stretching (Stretch ceiling, fabric wallpaper, etc.) or make the most simple repairs, and after shrinking the house - remake.
If you are planning to do a major overhaul inApartment in which you already live, in principle, it is no different from the repair in new buildings. Except for the dismantling of everything you want to change (removing old tiles, wallpaper, sanitary ware, pipes, etc.).
Perhaps you do not need big changes, and youJust want to update your home. Then for this you just need to re-paste wallpaper, change floors, doors, etc. This is called cosmetic repair, which does not require such colossal costs, but still takes a lot of time and effort.

What you need to buy for repairs

After you have decided on the type of repair, it is necessary to decide whether you will do it yourself or hire a special team.

Brigades involved in repairing an apartment canDo everything "turnkey" (housing is fully ready to live) or perform work in stages (you can hire different teams for different jobs). The first option is usually cheaper.

Of course, it's much easier to take special people,Pay them and after a certain time enjoy the result. You can impose on them and the responsibility for the procurement of materials. It's convenient, but it's definitely more expensive than doing it yourself. If you hire craftsmen, but you buy everything you need for repair yourself, you usually get a list (estimate) of what and how much you need to buy. Some work only with the materials of a particular firm.
If you decide to do everything yourself, then for thisIt is necessary to have at least some idea of ​​the work ahead and prepare for it. In the presence there must be a different tool (some, more expensive, you can take from friends - drill, screwdriver, punch, etc.). We also need tools for measuring levels (rulers, roulettes, levels, etc.), for painting (brushes, rollers, etc.), hammer, saw, ax, various screwdrivers and much more (including consumables - Nails, screws, various fasteners).
Well, of course, we need the material forAll works. It is chosen according to your desires and possibilities. The same floor - you can make a conventional screed (from a cement-sand mixture), you can choose a bulk floor, and also think about noise and heat insulation, installation of a warm floor. The options are weight, most importantly, it should be very even in order to further lay the top cover (linoleum, laminate, tile, carpet, parquet, etc.).
On the walls, too, several layers of training(Putty, primer, plaster), well, and therefore already wallpapers. Do not forget about such trifles as glue under the tile, wallpaper, putty etc. In order not to be mistaken with the amount of everything you need to buy, it is necessary (if you do everything yourself) just to sit down and paint in stages all the work and what materials will be involved in this.
The final result of repairing an apartment is a game of your imagination. And only on you depends what you get.

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