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What to buy for renovation in apartment

What to buy for renovation in apartment

Repairs in the apartment - it is, on the one hand, a very joyful event in the life of man, but on the other hand, quite laborious.

, It is necessary for himself to avoid unnecessary waste of effort, money and time to understand what you want - to completely redo their homes or just a little update.

What types of repairs are their stages

To repair is not turned into a bottomlesshole for pumping out of money and are not dragged on for a long time, we must first understand what you want to do. If you have a flat in the building is basically completed, you need a major overhaul. In many new homes rent apartment completely naked - just a concrete box or panel. There is nothing at all - no electrics, no plumbing, no interior doors - crooked walls and uneven floors. In this embodiment, it is necessary to do everything from scratch. To begin with it is necessary to overhaul the apartment design.

Design of the apartment - this property of the interior design to the definition of where, how and what will be. Design can consider itself (there are special programs) or ordered from the experts.

Only after you have decided where and whatwill, you can start to repair. Initially, it may be electrical wiring (not connected to the shield), sewage and water. Also, it is better to install the front door if the apartment you do not live there and leave all the materials and tools for repair. Then it is to align the floor, wall, ceiling (if you do not stretch). All these works are considered to be rough. After the apartment has been prepared, it is possible to do fine finish - Wallpapering, laying flooring, installation of doors, laying of tiles and more. A lot of work, but we should also keep in mind that new buildings often shrink (a few years), and it can damage just to make repairs (to the cracks in the walls, deform the doorways, etc.), or to do so with the ability to stretch material (suspended ceiling, fabric wallpaper, etc.) or to make the simplest repairs, and after shrinkage at home - remake.
If you plan to do major repairs inthe apartment in which you already live, in principle, it is no different from the repair in new buildings. Except for the dismantling of all, you want to change (remove old tile, wallpaper, plumbing, pipes, etc.).
Perhaps the big changes you do not need, and yousimply want to upgrade their homes. So for this you just need to re-stick wallpaper, change the floors, doors, etc. This is called a facelift, which does not require such huge costs, but it still takes plenty of time and effort.

What do I need to buy for repairs

Once decided on the kind of repair, is to decide whether you will do it yourself or hire a special brigade.

Gangs involved in the repair of apartments cando "turnkey" (housing is completely ready-to-live) or to carry out the work in stages (you can hire different teams for different works). The first option usually comes out cheaper.

Of course, it is much easier to take a special people,pay them and after some time to enjoy the result. Can they impose duties, and for the purchase of materials. This is convenient, but it comes out clearly more expensive than deal with yourself. If you hire craftsmen, but all you need to repair the purchase yourself, then usually you are given a list of (estimate) what and how much should be purchased. Some work only with a specific company materials.
If you decide to do it yourself, then thisit is necessary to have at least some idea of ​​the work ahead and prepare for it. Available must be different tools (some are more expensive, can be taken with friends - drill, screwdriver, hammer, etc.). We also need tools for level measurement (ruler, tape measure, level, etc.), to carry out painting works (brushes, rollers, etc.), A hammer, a saw, an ax, various screwdrivers, and more (including consumables - nails, screws, different fasteners).
And, of course, necessary for the material itselfall jobs. It is selected depending on your desires and capabilities. The same floor - you can make a normal tie (made of cement-sand mixture), you can select the self-leveling floor, and should think about noise and heat insulation, installation of underfloor heating. The mass of options, most importantly, it must be very smooth in order to continue to carry out laying top coverings (linoleum, laminate, tile, carpet, parquet, etc.).
On the walls we must also prepare a few layers(Putty, primer, plaster), well, then it is, and the wallpaper. Do not forget about such trifles as the adhesive under the tile, wallpaper, putty, etc.. Not to be mistaken with the number of all that it is necessary to buy, it is necessary (if you do it yourself) just sit down and paint in stages all the work and what materials will be this involved.
The end result of repair of an apartment - this game is your imagination. And only depends on you what you will get.

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