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What to build the walls of the bath

From which to build the walls of the bath

When choosing the material for the construction of the walls of the bath should take into account the basic requirements - the walls must have low thermal conductivity, natural air exchange.

Also important will be allocated harmful substances modern materials and their cost.



Wooden wall
Wooden walls used in constructiontraditional Russian baths. Moreover, the selection of types of wood was chosen for the construction of each element separately: the foundations of the larch, the walls, floor and ceiling - from aspen and pine interior made of basswood and aspen. Thus the distribution of types of wood is achieved durability, thermal insulation and interior decorative bath.


Chopped (Log) bath
Bathhouse, built of log house hasattractive appearance. In addition, well logs and retains virtually no heat needs ventilation. Best quality for the construction of a log house have spruce, pine and aspen. But as you know, any tree quickly deteriorates, so the construction of chopped walls of the bath should be carefully choose the logs without bark beetles, mold and mildew.


A good alternative to the log walls arethe walls of the timber. Bruce has all the good qualities of the log and, unlike the latter, does not need caulking, and Technology "locking" of the compounds to prevent the ingress of moisture into the joints, thereby preventing the process of decay.


Brick walls
Brick walls retain heat poorly and needin good internal insulation and decoration, bath, built of brick, is very expensive construction. However, in view of all the drawbacks of brick buildings are more durable and less fire hazard.


Frame walls
Very wide application baths,built of frame walls. The basis of this design involves a rigid frame, with both sides covered with boards and filled with insulation in between. This design features easy construction, low weight and does not need a solid foundation, but the materials for such construction must be chosen very carefully - otherwise there is a high risk in the near future of mold and rot.

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