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What to build in mayncecraft </a>

Minecraft - an exciting sandbox game in which you can build stunning buildings and complex mechanisms.

In Minecraft it is interesting to play both alone and on command servers.

Training buildings

After the first impressions of the game a bitFit into the head, any player starts to conceive some large-scale construction. And not in vain - in Minecraft the only limitation for global construction plans is the player's fantasy.
Usually, as the first building, people choose some famous buildings.
Minecraft servers are crowded with copies of the EiffelTower and other famous buildings. This can be a good training before starting the construction of something truly unique. To understand the principle of construction in the "Meincraft" you can try to build a building in the "creativity" mode, where there are no problems with the building material and you can fly.

Ideas for large-scale construction of buildings, sculptures and mechanisms

After mastering the basics of construction, you might thinkAbout the construction of a castle. To do this, you need to draw a detailed construction plan, calculate how much and what material it will take, find a suitable terrain. Beautiful buildings rarely stand on bare waste areas, they are usually gracefully inscribed in the landscape, this must be taken into account.
If the lock seems like a banal idea, you can quitForces to create a dragon or other huge mythical creation. Such sculptures are best built on multi-user servers, where other players can help with advice or resources. Such sculptures can become a decoration of the server.

Depending on the modifications, Minecraft changes the gameplay. Technical modifications, for example, allow building an atomic reactor in the game.

Another construction option is a storyline. Such things are also better to build on multi-user servers. Storyline or entertainment buildings can attract other players and make you a popular person on the server. As an entertaining structure, you can create, for example, a mysterious labyrinth with traps that can easily be created with technical schemes of red dust (a local analog of electricity). Such a labyrinth can be built under a village or a city, write several "books" in which to tell an interesting story.

The only drawback in the construction of local complex mechanisms - they require huge areas.

If such entertainment is not to your liking,You can attend to the construction of complex mechanisms. Minecraft allows you to build anything you want. From the sawmill to a complex calculator or even a computer processor.

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