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WHAT to bring from Prague



The choice of souvenirs in the Czech capital is really huge, and prices for Europe are low.

So you can buy gifts for every taste.



The Czech Republic is famous primarily for beer. Of course, the best beer - brewed in a restaurant with its own brewery. But you have to carry a bottle. If you forgot to buy it in the city, it can always be done in duty free.
Absinthe, perhaps, is in second place in popularity. After all, it was in the Czech Republic that the ban on the use of this drink was lifted and here it was first started drinking, burning.
Also pay attention to national drinks: Becherovka, Mead and Slivovitz. These tinctures are sold in souvenir packages in small bottles.


Making Czech puppets by puppetsAre engaged since the XVIII century, in many families this art passes from generation to generation. Originally they were used in the theater, then they began to be sold as souvenirs. In the market and in stores you can find a variety of dolls: football players, famous characters, animals, Babu Yaga.


The Czech Republic is famous for its garnet ornaments, but they are quite expensive. There are also relatively inexpensive necklaces and glass earrings.


On the central streets you can findMuseum stores, where gingerbreads are sold, decorated with colored sugar glaze. The price of a small souvenir stick is 25 kroons (about 45 rubles). Also on sale there are gingerbread houses of incredible beauty.


Bohemian glass.
This is the pride of the Czech Republic, in numerous shops you can find any dishes, as well as figurines of colorful glass.


Pictures with views of Prague.
You can find both printed images of different sizes, and author's works with images of the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and other beautiful views of the city.


Souvenirs - symbols of the Czech Republic: Baba Yaga, Svejk soldier, cartoon mole, as well as miniatures of famous architectural buildings: St. Vitus Cathedral, Town Hall.

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