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WHAT to bring from Russia as a gift to a foreigner


What to bring from Russia as a gift to a foreigner</a>

If you go abroad on business or on a trip, it would be nice to bring something as a gift to foreign partners or the owners of the apartment in which you will live.

1. The first thought is something national, for example, matryoshka, samovar, balalaika, cap with earflaps, felt boots, bast shoes, kosovorotka or stuffed bear. Especially these gifts will please residents of distant countries, for which Russia is a mysterious country, where until now the streets of Moscow are bears.

2. Russian honey. Such a sweet gift in a beautiful jar or package will also be very handy.

3. Traditional treats: drying, bagels, Tula gingerbread. A wonderful gift will also be cookies of own preparation.

4. Russian chocolate or chocolates in a beautiful box. It is better to take the products of well-known manufacturers, for example, the Krupskaya or Babaev chocolate factories.

5. Products made of birch bark. After all, for residents of many countries, the birch is as exotic as for us - a palm tree.

6. Dishes with Khokhloma or Gzhel painting. Perhaps not all foreigners have an idea of ​​folk craftsmen in Russia, but beautiful patterns will not leave them indifferent.

7. Souvenirs with images of cities. In any city there are attractions that are depicted on mugs, notebooks, T-shirts and other things. Particularly rich in such souvenirs are St. Petersburg.

8. If this is your good friend or a person you know for a long time - you can order an individual gift, for example, his image next to the Kremlin on a mug or T-shirt.

Russians who have long lived abroad often ask to bring certain products. For example, in many countries there is no simple black bread, kefir or melted cheese "Friendship".

The gift does not necessarily have to be expensive, it's more like a token of attention and something that will be remembered, so be sure to please foreigners with souvenirs from Russia.

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