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WHAT tip

What is a tip

Arriving at the restaurant or cafe, having a first-class service and pleasure from eating dinner, often I want to thank the waiter and left him a small amount of "tea".

Many people are tormented by the question: how much should be given and how to do it right.

Abroad tip left almost the entireattendants: the maids, waiters, tankers, etc. If a person did not leave a tip, it is considered an insult. The Russians are not so generous with the tip and give them basically waiters.

Tipping in Russia

In Russia, a tip is considered an indicator of qualityservice and at the same time generosity. Moreover, the tip can be shown not only my gratitude but resentment. If the visitors of the restaurant did not like waiter service, they can leave a tip handful of change.
The size of the tip in Russia is usually 8-10% of thethe check sum, but sometimes up to 15%. In restaurants, a high-level tip left at will, in some cafes easier they can immediately incorporate into the account in the amount of 10% of the total order.

Tipping in other countries

In the US the more expensive restaurant, the more tips are waiting for visitors. Tipping 10% of the amount on the check are left in small eateries, restaurants high level customary to leave 20-25% of the total order.
The biggest tip in European countriesleft in France. They usually include account immediately at a rate of 15-16% of the order. In addition, the visitor should put € 0,5-1 on round plates, which brought the score.
In the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria are considered a waste tip, so 3-6% of the amount in the account will be enough.
In Japan and Australia gratuities are generally consideredinsult. Service on the highest level is considered to be the responsibility of the staff. It does not matter what kind of institution: a cafe, a nightclub or casino.
Most often abroad sum gratuity is 5-10% of the total order. It will be enough if you fly to Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Egypt.

How to tip

Tips can be left for the maid in the room. Put them on the table, crushing ashtray or cup, or on the bed.
The tour buses for a tip there is a special basket near the driver's seat.
To thank the waiter, we can say that the surrender is not necessary when paying bills. Another option - after the change will bring, count the tip and place it on a plate, thanking the staff.
You may also want to leave a tip in a beauty salon. This will not only thank the master, but also guaranteed to get time in a busy schedule and good service next time.

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