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What time of year is best to make repairs

Façade work to perform better in the summer

Season repairs considered summer.

In the summer it is more convenient to do repairs, and limitations on the types of works are absent. However, the repair has its advantages in the winter.

The cost of repairs in the winter is lower than in summer, and many specialists are free and can start to work at a convenient time for the customer.

What time of year is the most suitable for the repair? This question can not give a definite answer. It all depends on the specific goals and objectives.

The construction industry is subject to seasonal influences. Season, favorable for construction and repair work, traditionally considered summer. Construction companies and maintenance crews loaded the work at this time of year.

However, the outside air temperature is important for repair work under the open sky. Usually this involves work on the exterior or roof. The interior trim can be done in the winter.

Repairs during the warmer months: the benefits

Summer is considered the most favorable time for repairs. The fact that many construction and finishing materials are designed to operate at positive temperatures.

Even if the work will be carried out indoors, in winter the materials will be transported and stored at low temperatures. This can lead to a deterioration of their quality and even cause them to become worthless.

Many jobs easier to perform in the summer. This includes the installation of windows, air conditioners, finishing balconies and loggias. Poured concrete screed and plaster walls is also easier and faster to dry in the warm season.

Repairs in the warm season: shortcomings

In the summer time it is more expensive. The reason is simple - demand at this time exceeds the supply. Especially loaded company operation, install windows and air conditioning.

Summer can be shortage of certain materials. Increased demand leads to a natural increase in the prices of many
building and finishing materials.

Repair of the winter

In winter, builders and decorators significantlyless work. Select a team is easier to work, they will be able to proceed more quickly. In winter, the repair specialists are usually more compliant and willing to work to take less money than in summer.

In winter, you can save considerably on sometypes of work. For example, a company to install windows provide tangible discounts on winter setting. Yes, and installation of the waiting period will not be a month, both summer and only a few days.

Some jobs in the winter to carry out more complicated. Plastered walls and concrete screed on the floor will dry out much longer than in the warmer months. Ventilate the room in winter can not be repairable, because sudden changes in temperature can lead to the destruction of finishing materials.

Installation of plastic windows require more winterstrict observance of technology. Windows need to withstand a few hours at room temperature. Polyurethane foam is to use a special designed to work at low temperatures.

Exterior finishing work in the winter time it is difficult to perform. Most finishing materials can be used only at temperatures above zero.

So, what time of year is best to do repairs? The most optimal time, in terms of compliance with technology and convenience of work - summer. Make repairs more difficult in the winter, but it can be good save.

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