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What threatens the ruble denomination

What threatens the ruble denomination

Denomination - one of the economic terms that people are afraid of a fire. After all, to put it simply, the denomination - is "cutting" extra zeros from banknotes.

That is, it was a hundred rubles, was 10 or 1, depending on the extent of the problem.

If you use professional terminology, denomination - a change in the nominal value of banknotes in order to stabilize the currency after the hyperinflation and simplify the calculations.

Rumors of an impending denomination in Russia go more than a year. After 1998, when the sharply depreciated all savings of Russians, most of them citizens greatly fear a repeat of the situation.

98th Inflation was like a bolt from the blue. No it did not expect, and many kept the accumulated funds in rubles. But then there is a new trend to transfer savings into foreign currency, which increased in price at least 3 times.

What threatens the denomination

Denomination terrible, first and foremost, the fact thatinstantly burned all the accumulation of people, including nation-wide. Stabilization Fund Cost varies depending on the denomination of funds operating in the country. And this is a direct impact on the economy, the overall standard of living of citizens, production, etc.

A special issue of the denomination - is insurance. After all, it was made out at the same price and tariffs, and was recalculated under the new.

The denomination directly touches and those who haveloans in Russian banks. After all, in fact the cost is very much changed. And it will count the bankers (and it is always a loophole, they can turn out for themselves, ignoring the signed contract), is not known.

In addition, in the case of the denomination of the ruble andstrengthening of the dollar or the euro will arise rather large problem for those borrowers who took out loans in dollars or any other currency. Sharp denomination may lead to the fact that foreign currency credit is more expensive, at least twice.

Naturally, the denomination will bring problems to all, because wages on the job is unlikely to increase. On the reduction of the nominal value of the ruble may well play, and heads of the companies and their owners.

In addition to financial problems, the denomination bringseven a hundred psychological discomfort. So, you have become accustomed to come to the store and buy a sausage for 200 rubles per kilogram. And now they say that it will cost about 20 rubles. / Kg. So far, all remodeled until accustomed, it will take time.

Why use a denomination

Denomination in itself - it is a technicalprocedure, which is to reduce the nominal value of the national currency. it is required to simplify the economic calculations and is usually applied on a background of high inflation.

Resort to a denomination when no othermeasures are not able to curb rising prices. Then try to reduce the visibility of the high costs, artificially making them small. After 10 rubles - this is not the same as 1000. However, it does not impact on the improvement of production or agriculture.

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