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What threatens the child increased protein in the urine

What threatens the child increased protein in the urine

Elevated albuminuria is called proteinuria.

This disease can occur as a result of infectious diseases affecting microscopic kidney filters, or directly to the body as a whole.

Very often in children proteinuria indicates the presence of any disease.

Therefore, it is important to systematically take baby urine analysis, to diagnose the disease at an early stage.

As a rule, it is not accompanied by obvious proteinuriapainful sensations. However, the presence of large amounts of protein in the urine leads to edema and increased blood pressure. There are different types of proteinuria. Functional - appears when stressful situations, colds, nervous disorders and allergic reactions.
Also, increased protein in the urine of newbornthe baby is quite normal for a number of physiological reasons. This proteinuria is considered temporary and does not require medical treatment. In the case where, along with the presence of protein in the urine of the child are observed and other distressing symptoms, you should immediately seek medical attention. The fact that the protein itself is a kind of indicator, indicates the presence of disease in the body, so ignore it in any case impossible.

Proper collection of urine for analysis

In order to analyze the result was significant,should observe basic rules for collection of the material. Thus, the sexual organs of the child and the capacity for the collection of urine should be clear. To do this, you need to undercut baby baby soap without additives, or with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. It is important to make sure that no soap or wool left on the child's genitals. Urine should be sent to the laboratory within three hours of collection. Take into account that before the container inspection in the urine should be stored in a cool dark place.

What kind of diseases indicates the presence of protein in the urine

Is present in the urine of baby squirrels canindicative of the occurrence of the following diseases: hypertension, renal amyloidosis, renal vascular thrombosis, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, acute tubular necrosis, congestive kidney, Fanconi syndrome, lizotsimuriya, proteinuria overflow, chronic rejection of a kidney transplant, hemoglobinuria, and diabetic glomerulosclerosis.

What is orthostatic proteinuria

Orthostatic proteinuria isa condition that occurs in older children. This contributes to the appearance of proteinuria in the urine protein only during the child's activity. It turns out that the protein somehow enters directly into urine during the day, which does not occur in the night rest. Thus, for the diagnosis of proteinuria must be a two-stage study of urine, which includes her morning and afternoon collection. If the protein is found in the daily urine sample and in the morning is not found, it means the appearance of orthostatic proteinuria. But do not worry, because this condition is normal and perfectly safe.

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