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What the properties of topaz

What the properties of topaz

Topaz - a semiprecious crystal.

Its name comes from Topazion island in the Red Sea.

This stone has a number of interesting magical and physical properties.

The physical properties of topaz

Topaz is a very hard and beautiful stone. It has a high density. Topaz is easily electrified under compression, friction or heat. Solid topaz is considered a benchmark for the Mohs scale of hardness, and can cut glass. Correctly faceted topaz touch seems to be quite slippery, it is the unique property of this particular stone.

In the olden days the word "topaz" refers to several species of yellow stones. Citrin or yellow quartz traders and jewelers called smoky topaz. Beautiful smoky quartz still call Rauch, topaz.

Jewelers and astrologers attributed to a number of topazmagical properties. It is believed that this stone is suitable or the Scorpions, whose patron is Saturn. A good mascot Topaz will be for the Lions, Gemini and Virgo. But the Taurus, Pisces and Libra is better to give up jewelry made from this stone.

The magical properties of topaz

It is known that topaz saves from insomnia,It eases asthma attacks, improves the taste buds, it helps with diseases of the joints, relieves epilepsy. To curative properties of this stone is revealed in full, it must be worn around the neck, and a silver, not gold chain. Rare Blue Topaz accelerates metabolism, improves the condition of the thyroid gland and helps to cope with the emotional breakdown.

Topaz makes its ownerfocus on his life. Notice the details that usually pass by consciousness. This stone is well developed intuition, improves care. Topaz is considered a good means of laziness, as its owner gives more strength and energy.

During the Middle Ages topaz consideredthe only true means to determine the presence of poison in the food. Alchemists believed that topaz in contact with poisons change color. That is why these stones decorated with a huge number of beautiful cups and dishes.

Topaz is sometimes called a stone of enlightenment. In the Eastern tradition it is believed that women are the Crystal brings beauty, and men - wisdom. The Chinese recommend wearing jewelry made topaz unbalanced people who are prone to tantrums and outbursts of anger, because it softens the character of such manifestations. The Indians used topaz during meditation.

To topaz talisman of worked stone shouldtouch the skin. Bracelets made of stone, the suspension can be different amulets. It is advisable to use "clean" decoration under running water.

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