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What the film "The Road Haunted"

What the film "The Road Haunted"

Modern cinema pleases its fans with new interesting pictures.

One of the most anticipated in 2014 was the film - "The Road Haunted".

The plot

The film "The Road Haunted" is enoughexciting plot. The essence of the picture is that it is often on the road can be found to bring on a motorcycle. Most of these phantoms visiting the track, even though the name of the road. In the film, a simple family arrives in a small town to live in it. The house was cheap. They bought a house and it is developing are.
Neighbors - very nice people, and the rest of the townspeople -very friendly. The family liked it. But neighbors say that no one of the house after midnight does not come out. But once my father still went out at night on the street and all white with astonishment, he saw that in the city there are ghosts.

The idea of ​​a horror movie

The filmmakers are trying to find the origins of the incredible,fantastic phenomena of nature and man. The more a person knows the nature, the more it reveals mysteries. This film is addressed to those who are interested in life in more detail.

Thanks to this film, you will learn about all the results of research about the most memorable designs.

In Norway, on a steep slope near the townLillehammer often broke motorcyclists. This route was remembered, he was especially popular with adventurers. Accidents on the route ended in the death of motorcyclists. Residents of the city hung a sign: "Caution! The road crosses the ghosts on a motorcycle. " This sign with the image of a figure in a white robe, which sufficiently strongly acted on the riders. The number of accidents has become much smaller.
The police were very satisfied. In the city there were rumors that a number of people haunted. But more often they began to appear near the police building. Ghosts on the road at the moment they see all around, including the local police. Mostly highway is considered as a place where you can get into some adventure.

A lot of ghosts born on this road, because there are a lot of people died.

There are so many souls who drift along the highway inghost form. Researchers ghosts caught on camera, photographed them and even, according to them, had close contact with these phantoms. In addition to the ghosts, there are still different phenomena, which saw people on the roads, streets, railway tracks. These events included the strange lights. Around just teeming with animals, demons and poltergeists. In this film you will see a story that is passed from one generation to the next, a real encounter with the ghosts. After seeing this film, you can learn about the ghosts that appear unexpectedly on bridges and highways.

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