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What the film "Porridge" and where to look

What the film "Porridge" and where to look

The film "Silent Souls" is rightly called one of the most outstanding examples of Russian art-house, and the work of the film director A. Fedorchenko critics ready to put on a par with the masterpieces of Andrei Tarkovsky.

Alexei Fedorchenko's "Porridge" The film is based on thescript writer and playwright Denis Osokin. For the scenario writer took his novel of the same name. The film was awarded prizes at the festival in Venice, has been praised by leading Russian and foreign critics. In the words of Quentin Tarantino, chairman of the jury at the Venice Film Festival, "This is a great, great picture! We gave her the best evaluation! This film is remarkable in all respects! "

The plot of the movie

The plot of the story of how two men - A. Miron, Director, Pulp and Paper Mill

Yuri Tsurilo actor

Stork and photographer

Igor Sergeyev actor

go to bury his wife Miron Alexeyevich, Tatiana

actress Julia AUG

. But it should not be buried at all in the usual way.
And Myron, and Tatiana, and Stork - representativesMeria ancient pagan people - They gave. In ancient times it was inhabited by a tribe of Northern Russian territory, but eventually assimilated, dissolved among other large and small nationalities of Russia, only place names remind us of it. But the film's heroes honored ancient traditions and want to hold funeral rites as it was adopted Since the dawn from their ancestors.
Going on a journey to cremate without interferencea woman's body, they take with them from the birds passerine - buntings. Small birds symbolize the souls of the heroes, not accidental in the world hire the picture was shown under the title "Silent Souls".

On the way Tanya's husband, Myron, says Storkdetails of their family, including intimate life - "smokes" - is also part of the ritual of farewell to the deceased. During the journey the characters perform other ceremonies in memory of the deceased.
The film is a sad, sad. And it is not only the story of the hero farewell with his love. This is a lament for Russia, leaving it in the native culture of the past, dying villages and towns, the outgoing ethnicities. Simple landscape Russian province look in the film is not dull and solemn and sad, like a funeral decorations in the grand farewell performance.
The special atmosphere is created by music, is clearly ethnic areas, resembling ancient shamanic ritual.

Where better to watch a movie?

The film is not designed so that it will look"Casually" in the company. This is a picture of a careful and thoughtful review. Like any good movie, the greatest impression on the viewer, it will produce, seen on the big screen in a movie theater.
But you can watch a movie at home, placing the discor finding a free website to view a movie online. The feedback frequent tips to look this painting in the late evening, when there is nothing stopping to focus on the film and subsequent thinking about it.

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