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What the movie Pirates of the Caribbean

What the movie Pirates of the Caribbean

"Pirates of the Caribbean" - a series of Walt Disney Studios film production. the first idea was born on the same ride at Disneyland park.

After the painting in 2003, it became clear that the pirate theme of the audience came to his liking, and a series of extended right on the two sequels.

Romantic motion picture ushered piratomanii in society, reviving interest in the noble robbers and sea adventures.

Since the first film, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse "Black Pearl" was conceived separately from the rest of his story a few aside from the second and third parts, which were taken at the same time are one.

The First Movie, 2003

The "Curse" Black Pearl "appearthe main characters of the saga - an eccentric young pirate Jack Sparrow, Captain without a ship, the young son of a pirate Will Turner, a blacksmith temporarily moonlighting on the island of Port-Royal, and daring beauty Elizabeth Swann, daughter of the governor of Port Royale.
The plot is tied around the cursed goldAztec, which was once kidnapped by pirates crew of the ship "Black Pearl". Magic turned all the thieves in the immortal, not the dead, but not alive, and get rid of this curse, should be returned to the chest every single coins Aztecs. As luck would have it, the latest coin swam with little Will Turner in an unknown direction, and then completely went to Elizabeth.
Searching coin immortal pirates attackPort Royal and capture the beautiful daughter of the governor of a prisoner with a coin. The pursuit of beauty sent to her beloved Will Turner and Jack Sparrow, which has its own interest - to regain the "Black Pearl" status of the captain, as a result of the rebellion was taken over by Barbossa.

The second film, 2006

The history of the Aztec gold ends inthe first film: Jack regains ship, Will and Elizabeth are going to get married. The second film, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" begins a new storyline. It acts as an antagonist of the East India Company, planned to clear the southern sea pirates. To do this, Lord Beckett begins the hunt for a wonderful compass of Jack Sparrow, which points to where the holder seeks.
But compass - only a stage of a larger plan. Having seized a compass, Lord Beckett plans to find a chest, where the heart beats real live captain of "The Flying Dutchman" Davy Jones. Magic ship function - to accompany the souls of the dead to the next world, but as a result of a quarrel his captain with his lover, the sea goddess Calypso, soul float itself, the ship is sowing a storm and Calypso trapped in a human body and can not tame the sea of ​​excitement.
Irrepressible Jack Sparrow and has its own hereinterest - he owes Davy Jones hundred years of service to the "Flying Dutchman", but trying to pay off other people's lives. Will and Elizabeth again find themselves in the maelstrom of events, but love helps them to avoid all the obstacles and be together. In the end, Jones' heart is with Lord Beckett, who thus intends to monitor the sea and drown pirates methodically.

The film is the third, in 2007

The third film, "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End "continues to intrigue directly tied to the" Dead Man's Chest. " Will Turner and Elizabeth must first rescue Jack Sparrow from the magical traps, and then organize all the pirate brotherhood to the war with Lord Beckett.
Since the force Beckett is in the power ofheart Jones on him hunt begins again. Free Goddess Calypso, a sea rises unprecedented storm in battle converge two legendary ship "Black Pearl" and "Flying Dutchman." By chance the captain's heart pierced mortally wounded Will Turner, and it means that he has to take his place.

With the right captain deal goes smoothly - LordBeckett defeated the armada of the East India Company turned back, the team "The Flying Dutchman" freed from the curse, and the souls of the dead again sail in the right direction. The finale of the trilogy at the same time sad, and optimistic - Elizabeth is waiting on the shore of Will, who can set foot on dry land only once every ten years, and Jack Sparrow sent towards new adventures.

The film is the fourth, 2011

New adventures have been demonstrated inthe fourth film, "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides." It replaced the Will and Elizabeth come new heroes - the legendary Captain Blackbeard and his daughter Angelica, with whom Jack Sparrow associate relationship. They go in search of the fountain of youth, trying to get ahead in this business Spanish. The plot of the film is a complete history and is not connected with other parts of the saga.

Future brave pirates

In 2016, it announced the release of the fifth filmpirate saga titled "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales." Perhaps it will be thematically linked to the sixth, has not yet named a part, since the films are planning to shoot one after the other. The protagonist is still the inimitable Jack Sparrow.

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