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What the film "Mortal Kombat"

What the film "Mortal Kombat"

"Mortal Kombat" - a popular American feature film, loosely based on the game Mortal Kombat.

The film directed by Paul Anderson became famous as quickly as cult game.

Reviews of the movie "Mortal Kombat"

The date of release of this film was fantasticJuly 13, 1995. The picture immediately caused a storm of emotions among the critics. Some of them are positive about the film, some - no. Many critics did not like the play of the actors and the script.

Fans of computer game mortal kombat, on the contrary, very quickly fell in love with this movie. They drew attention to the excellent special effects, and noted that the acting was great.

On the screens already reached two parts of the film "Mortal Kombat" (1995) and "Mortal Kombat 2: Annihilation" (1997).

The plot of "Mortal Kombat"

Supreme Gods would protect the Earth fromthe damaging effects of the dark forces of Outworld. To do this, they created a deadly battle - an ancient tournament, which takes place once in a generation. If the dark forces prevail in Mortal Kombat 10 times in a row, their leader will be able to take over Earth and its plunge into eternal darkness. Evil Warriors have won 9 times in a row in the tournament, so the next Mortal Kombat will decide the fate of the globe.

Warriors of good going to save the Earth. Among them, Liu Kang - last Shaolin monk, Sonya Blade - Special Forces agent and Johnny Cage - Hollywood star. Monk wants to punish those who killed his brother Chen, Sonia is looking for the murderer of his team-mate, and Johnny wants to prove to everyone that he is a true master of martial arts.

In a strange ship fighters to cross to the islanddark sorcerer Shang Tsung. This is the place to be held decisive battle of light and darkness. On the way to the island ninja warriors meet the ghost of the Scorpion and the Lin Kuei mighty warrior Sub-Zero. They want to kill people before the start of the tournament. Suddenly, thunder god Raiden rescues warriors of good, and they get to the island unharmed.

The first round of the great battle should begin the day after the arrival of the soldiers. Shang Tsung is afraid that Princess Kitana, the adopted daughter of the Emperor's dark, can stand on the side of good.

The tournament begins. In the early rounds winning fighters from the outside world. Shang Tsung absorbs the souls of all the losers.

God of Thunder supported the soldiers of the Earth, and theydare to fearless fight. They kill the Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Kano. Now Johnny Cage wants to defeat Goro - the champion of Mortal Kombat. Soon he succeeds.

Liu Kang and Kitana princess fall in love. Protagonists and Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage and go everywhere together.

Shang Tsung takes Sonya to the outside world, and the restEarth soldiers follow them. Kitana on the side of good and help soldiers find Sonya. Liu Kang enters a dark sorcerer in a brutal fight. He wins and frees all souls that are absorbed Shang Tsung.

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