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What the book The Secret of Bern Ronda

What the book The Secret of Bern Ronda

The book with the intriguing title "The Mystery" after its release struck a huge number of people the secrets contained in it.

With this work, written by successful producer Rhonda Byrne, a lot of readers were able to change their lives and achieve previously unattainable heights.

What is the phenomenon of the book "Secret"?

Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne's career began with the postradio producer, where under her leadership came out top-rated program. After radio Ronda began to work on Australian television, and in 1994 opened his own production company and began producing popular shows that have won many awards and became known worldwide. Thanks to the experience, talent and skills, Rhonda Byrne was able to write his "Secret."

Today Ronda creates new books and films in collaboration with the best teams from Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, and Melbourne.

Autumn 2004 Bern formulated for the first timeitself a law which, she claimed, manages all aspects of human life. Ronda reread a huge number of esoteric books and ancient teachings, written by the world's great writers and philosophers. As a result, she began to study and practice positive thinking, creative visualization and gravity. All my knowledge she described in the book "The Mystery," which became an international bestseller and made Ronda one of the most influential women in the world.

The secret "Mystery"

According to Rhonda, the secret to a happy and successfulLife is always lying on the surface - it can be found in all areas of literary, philosophical and religious human activities occurring over many centuries. The book "The Mystery" tells the story of the most powerful law of the universe, through which each person can bring into your life the happiness, joy and prosperity.

In his book, Rhonda Byrne joined sayings famous artists, thinkers and inventors, who have proven themselves in religion, psychology and quantum physics.

To use the law described Rhonda,just enough to properly materialize their dreams, imagining they have already accomplished, and a fact. If a person starts to radiate out into the universe absolute confidence that he already has the money, love, health and so on - the universe is gradually reconstructed according to its senses, and the desired starting to come to the address. The only requirement for the man - to be happy here and now.
On the basis of "Secrets" by Rhonda Byrne was shot the same namea film that turned more than one consciousness and gave a chance for a new life to many desperate people. It starred the real people who have gone through many difficulties and managed to overcome them, receiving support and advice from the book Ronda.

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