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About the book The Secret of Berna Ronda


About the book The Secret of Berna Ronda</a>

The book, under the intriguing title "Mystery" after its release, amazed a huge number of people with the secrets contained in it.

With the help of this work, written by the successful producer Ronda Berne, many readers were able to change their lives and achieve previously unattainable heights.

What is the phenomenon of the book "Mystery"?

Ronda Berne

Career Ronda Berne began with a postRadio producer, where under her leadership came the most rated programs. After the radio, Ronda began working on Australian television, and in 1994 she opened her production company and started producing popular shows that won many awards and became famous all over the world. Thanks to experience, talent and skill, Ronda Berne managed to write her "Secret".

Today, Ronda creates new books and films in collaboration with the best teams from Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin and Melbourne.

The fall of 2004 Berne first formulated forA certain law, which, she claimed, controls all spheres of human life. Ronda re-read a huge number of esoteric books and ancient teachings written by great world writers and philosophers. As a result, she began to study and practice positive thinking, creative visualization and attraction forces. She described all her knowledge in the book "The Mystery", which became a world bestseller and made Ronda one of the most influential women on the planet.

The secret of "Mystery"

According to Ronda, the secret of a happy and successfulLife always lay on the surface - it could be found in all spheres of literary, philosophical and religious activity of a man that has been going on for many centuries. The book "Mystery" tells about the most powerful law of the universe, with the help of which each person can draw happiness, joy and prosperity into his life.

In her book Ronda Berne put together the statements of famous artists, thinkers and inventors who showed themselves in religion, psychology and quantum physics.

To use the law described by Ronda,It is enough just to properly materialize your dreams, presenting them as a fait accompli and an immutable fact. If a person begins to radiate into the universe the absolute certainty that he already has money, love, health and so on - the universe is gradually reconstructed in accordance with his feelings, and the desired begins to come to the right place. The only requirement for a person is to be happy here and now.
On the basis of the "Secret" of Ronda Berne was withdrawn the same nameA film that turned not one mind and gave the chance for a new life to many desperate people. It featured real people who experienced many difficulties and managed to overcome them, having received support and advice from the book of Ronda.

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