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What the Asian Shepherd Dog

What the Asian Shepherd Dog

Asian Shepherd Dog - this is one of the oldest breeds of dogs, which is very popular in many countries.

Formation of the breed took place in the territories of the Southern Urals and the Caspian Sea to Afghanistan and China.

Central Asian Shepherd Alabai or released a beautiful appearance, is an excellent guard, can participate in battles.

Description of species

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Central Asian Shepherd Alabai sometimes called,or Central Asian Turkmen wolfhound. This breed originated in ancient times, but it has not suffered any changes in appearance throughout its history. Asian Shepherd occupies an important place in the economic life of the person. Dog shepherd accompanies equally well on pasture and has been serving for the protection of the home. Alabai is very hardy and self-confident, fearless, with a strong protective instinct.
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Central Asian Shepherd capricious, but committedowner and reliable. A large, powerful and well-developed physically fearless dog in the fight with the enemy. Alabai respects himself, believes the independent person, so the dog needs a special approach. Asian Shepherds love long walks, they need to communicate with dogs of the same breed. This proud breed does not know how to grovel, so the best option - it is to earn the trust.
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Despite the fighting skills, this breedDog is known for its serenity and tranquility. Alabai not as aggressive and ferocious as a close relative - Caucasian Shepherd. Central Asian Shepherd requires early socialization and training, they get along well with other pets, but very aggressive toward other people's cats and dogs. Alabai should be in public places only on a leash and muzzled. Asian Shepherd perfectly applies to children in the family, she always takes on the function of protection. ALABAY playful, so they make excellent companions, not only for adults but also for children.
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Psychological features

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The nature of the dog can not be called simple. The owners note the following traits Central Asian Shepherd: independence, unsociable, stubbornness, intelligence. Despite the extraordinary intelligence, Alabai is not very good to train. Only one-third of these dogs successfully acquires skills and team. The obstacle to good education can become excessive independence and autonomy of the dog.

Care Central Asian Shepherd

Asian Shepherd does not need special care. Coat of these dogs is resistant to dust and dirt, it looks well-groomed and clean, even without constant care. ALABAY much molt in the spring, it is recommended to constantly comb fur special brush (it is better to do it on the street). Central Asian Shepherd Dog should be promptly cleaned ears and trimmed nails.

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