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WHAT termobigudi?

What is hot rollers?

What is hot rollers?

These are the same ordinary curlers, but that is wound and fix your hair with heat.

What is the advantage? These rollers, as opposed to curling or ironing, generally do not cause damage to your hair, so it does not desiccate them.

Due to the wax, which is inside them, heated rollers hold heat longer, it allows for only 10-15 minutes to achieve the desired result.

The result on the hair for a long time kept at the expense of long-term effects of heat on the hair.



Prepare curlers. To prepare the rollers, they need to heat - for this remove from their mountings, put in a pot of boiling water for 10-15 minutes, or pour the boiled water just at the same time and cover with lid. When you pull out the curlers out of the water - take precautions, as they are quite hot.


Prepare the hair. You understand that in the dirty hair does not work so well, wash hair with shampoo and conditioner, it is desirable to put on a special hair protective agent for termoukladki, but you can do without it. After washing, the head need to wet hair with a towel, but does not dry them thoroughly for a good result, they should be slightly moist.


Prepare the image. Before you do the folding, select the shape of hairstyles and disassemble the hair into locks. Select in advance what you want curls, the size depends on the diameter of the curlers.


Screw every strand of hair on hot rollers and attach a special clamp, which took off at the beginning of the process. For stranded hair in curlers, leave until cool for about 20 minutes.


After removing heated rollers, hair comb, and delivered unto them the volume or curls neatly divide by without scratching a little whip. For long the result is better use fixing varnish.

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