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What is the term for the return of goods to the law on consumer protection

guarantee period

There are a few important points, detection of defects in the purchased, found in the warranty period.

You need to know the duration of the guarantee and the steps necessary to return or compensation upon the occurrence of repair guarantee.

General provisions

The obligation of the seller or the manufacturer free repair, replacement of the purchased goods or components called guarantee.
Faced with poor-quality goods, whichIt has not yet expired warranty period, Russian citizens, according to the Law on the Protection of the rights of buyers have a legitimate right to demand the replacement of the same product or a similar product, the cost of the product or refund the payment for repair costs.

Return for the main types of goods

The beginning of the warranty period can be considered as the datepurchase of goods from the seller, if not concluded an additional agreement, which stipulates a different start date of the onset of the guarantee. If it is impossible to establish the date of sale, the start time of warranty period is the date of manufacture of the goods purchased. For seasonal items, the period of calculation of the warranty starts from the date of occurrence of the respective season, which is determined by the subject of the federation, on the basis of their climate zone. If there is no warranty on the purchased goods, the guarantee period is considered to be 2 years from the date of purchase of the goods, unless otherwise agreed. If the goods supplied to the buyer is not the day of conclusion of the contract of sale or by mail, the date of commencement of the guarantee shall be the date of its receipt.
The purchase of goods, if founddeficiencies that were not specified in the purchase process, the buyer has the right, at its discretion, within the warranty to replace the purchased goods at the same exchange for goods with similar characteristics, with the recalculation of the price difference on reducing the price for the product, on the immediate repair or reimbursement for his conduct or a full refund of the cost of goods.

Return for technically complex products

In the event of a claim from the buyer, with technically sophisticated products, claims are accepted within 15 days from the date of transfer of the goods to the buyer, and the buyer is entitled to demand:
- Substitution by a goods-
- A full refund for the purchased goods-
- Similar to the consumer the quality of goods, with recalculation of the price difference.
In the event of a claim on the quality of the goods, within 15 days, subject to satisfaction of the above cases, under the following conditions:
- Detection of a significant shortage of acquired tovare-
- Violation of the time limit for the elimination of deficiencies in tovare-
- The inability to use the product more than 30 days on aggregate, while eliminating the shortcomings in the product in one year warranty.

Basic warranties

The basic warranty period is 2 years. In the presence of an additional agreement, the guarantee period is established in accordance with the contract.

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