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What techniques will effectively zoned small area

What techniques will effectively zoned small area?

Due to the high cost per square meter in the real estate market, today more than ever relevant question of zoning premises.

The majority of young families there is no possibilityacquire spacious housing, their choice - studio apartment or studio apartment. But for a comfortable stay there is zoned premises, allocate seating area, guest area, perhaps the kitchen area, a kitchen-dining room (it is especially important for the studio apartments). What techniques will be a most efficient in this case?

1. Bright and very light colors. They create the illusion of space, a large amount of air. Tom also promote and mirrors.

2. Furniture, if it is properly matched, and not only used for storage, but also contributes to the zoning divides the space into parts.

3. Podiums, arches, screens do not reduce the room lighting, but can give the impression that instead of a single room is almost two.

4. Loggias and balconies of modern designers alsooffer used as living space. Modern materials for insulation and finish perfectly allow to equip the loggia, for example, an office or a creative workshop and dormitories are often converted into a loggia in the mini-kitchen.

Helpful advice: If you decide to reschedule your seriouslyapartment or room (set partitions, join the loggia to the room, move the kitchen or bedroom), as I wrote earlier, verify the possibility uzakonirovaniya redevelopment, because otherwise it may be the most serious consequences.

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