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WHAT tattoo bring good luck

What kind of tattoo to bring good luck

Since ancient times, many people believed that tattoos have a great influence on the destiny of man.

In this regard, in those days, it was applied to the body of drawings, symbols and inscriptions, bringing luck. Now such an image can be done in any tattoo parlor.

One only has to figure out what kind of a symbol of good luck for you preferred.

Bit of history of tattoos

For the first time, printing figures on the body wasused during the rituals. People believed that in this way they are most closely related to the deities. Also through tattoos protect children from parental anger, adults protected in battle and hunting, old kept from diseases. In addition, there are cases where the tattoo was applied as a punishment. For example, in Japan in the Edo period for each crime robbers were applied on the same line on the forehead. The result is a character ELI, which means "dog".
In Europe, the spread of Christianitytattoos, which were part of pagan beliefs and traditions, began to disappear. Prints on the body resumed among Europeans only in the XVIII century, when Christian missionaries sent to sail, sailors and ships provided themselves with their tattoos in memory of local travel.
Currently, as a kind of tattoo isavant-garde art, and a way of self-expression of individuals. It can also denote a person belonging to a particular social group.

Tattoo symbolizing good luck

You may be offered in the salons of the different types of tattoos. Today, tattoos are especially popular, bringing luck. So, here are some of them.
Cross. It symbolizes life and immortality, the unity of spirit and matter. Many believe that this sign characterizes a person belonging to any religious movement, but this is not always the case.

On the one hand, the cross is the eternal spiritual development, on the other - it is a symbol to attract prosperity.

Four Leaf Clover - a classic symbol of good luck. The image of this plant make to the life of the owner of the tattoo was full of favorable events and fortune he had never left.
Horseshoe - one of the most commontattoos popular with many people. It means faith in attaining success and luck. Images of the horseshoe up horns symbolizes the full cup, happiness, abundance, good luck. The same symbol, dropped down the horns, not a bad sign. This shoe protects its owner, it drives away misfortune and sorrow.
Get down on the spider web - a symbol of good fortune, luck and prosperity. Greek mythology is this predator wise and industrious.

In addition, mifopoeticheskih traditions with the image of a spider associated creativity and professional skills.

Often used as a tattoo characters. So, people who want to attract into your life good luck, choose the image of the character "happiness" or "Kichi".
The inscriptions in Latin is also popular with those who decidedto get a tattoo. Often used sayings of the great philosophers, writers and actors. For example, it can be a tattoo in the form of the Latin phrase «Audaces fortuna juvat», which translated means "Destiny helps the brave."
To believe or not to believe in the mystic power of signs and symbols - a purely personal matter for each individual. Importantly, do not doubt that luck you will never leave!

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