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How are the tattooes bring luck


Which tattoos bring luck </a>

Since ancient times, many people believed that tattoos have a great influence on the fate of a person.

In this connection, at that time, they applied drawings, symbols and inscriptions to the body that brought good luck. Now such an image can be made in any tattoo parlor.

It is only necessary to understand which luck symbol is preferable for you.

Some of the history of the tattoo

For the first time drawing drawings on the body has becomeUsed during rituals. People believed that in this way they are most closely associated with their deities. Also, by means of tattoos, children were protected from parental anger, adults were protected in battle and hunting, old people were kept from illnesses. In addition, there are cases when the tattoo was used as punishment. Thus, in Japan in the Edo period, brigands were punished for one crime per line on each forehead. As a result, the hieroglyph of INU was obtained, which in translation means "dog".
In Europe with the spread of ChristianityTattoos, which were part of pagan beliefs and traditions, began to disappear. The drawing of the drawings on the body was resumed among Europeans only in the 18th century, when Christian missionaries sailed, and sailors from their ships acquired tattoos to commemorate the places of travel.
Currently, the tattoo is as a kind ofAvant-garde art, and the way of self-expression of individuals. It can also denote a person's belonging to any social group.

Tattoos symbolizing luck

To you can offer in interiors various kinds of tattoos. Today, tattoos that bring good luck are especially popular. So, here are some of them.
Cross. It symbolizes life, immortality, unity of spirit and matter. Many believe that this sign characterizes the person's belonging to some religious direction, but this is not always the case.

On the one hand, the cross means eternal spiritual development, on the other - it is a symbol for attracting well-being.

Four-leafed clover is a classic symbol of luck. The image of this plant is made to ensure that the life of the owner of such a tattoo was full of favorable events, and fortune never left it.
Horseshoe - one of the most commonTattoos, popular with many people. It means faith in finding success and luck. The image of a horseshoe upwards with horns symbolizes a full cup, happiness, abundance, luck. The same symbol, dropped down by the horns, is not a bad sign. Such a horseshoe protects its owner, it drives away misfortune and sorrow.
Descending on the spider web is a symbol of good fortune, luck, well-being. Greek mythology represents this predator wise and hardworking.

In addition, in the mythopoetic traditions with the image of a spider, creative activity and professional skills are linked.

Quite often as a tattoo use hieroglyphs. So, people who want to draw their luck into their lives, choose the image of the hieroglyph "happiness" or "kichi".
The inscriptions in Latin are also popular with those who decidedTo get a tattoo. Often use the winged expressions of great philosophers, writers and personalities. For example, it can be a tattoo in the form of the Latin phrase "Audaces fortuna juvat", which in translation means "Fate helps courageous".
To believe or not to believe in the mystical power of signs and symbols is a strictly personal matter for every person. The main thing is not to doubt that luck will never leave you!

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