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What is hair tapering

What is hair tapering

It is not necessary to have an education in the art of hairdressing to understand some terminology specialists.

Women visiting the salons, are probably familiar with this concept as a "tapering".

Until now, the hair experts can not come to a definite opinion about the usefulness or harmfulness of this procedure.

But, despite this, it is quite common in modern practice.

What is tapering

In simple words, the vystriganiestrand at different length, that is, their depression is tapering. Interesting is the fact that with the help of a specialist can create a gorgeous voluminous hairstyle, or vice versa - to remove hair density that allows the hair to always look attractive.
Throughout his life, hair grows and falls: where hair fell out, once there is a new one, it is for this reason that hair length is different. The professionalism of the barber is the ability to maintain and intelligently generate the correct proportions regrown hair. To this end, tapering apply.

Not recommended cutting out on a very thin and sparse hair, as if she does not perform properly, hair restoration will take a very long time.

For this procedure, use special scissors - thinning, they consist of small cloves. Some hairdressers use standard razor or scissors.
Basically Mills bangs to give hervolume, but also to profile the entire length and ends of hair. Consistently wizard closes curls with scissors, and the only part of the sheared volume due to the specifics of scissors.
Typical scissors make cutting out difficult and,according to some clients, even painful, as it is dangerous - one wrong move can cut off all the locks. Thinning razor work much easier. Between a pair of scissors and razors there is an important difference: the first Mills just dry hair, and the second - wet.

Many believe that the tapering causing irreparable harm to the hair. However, it is not subject to that observed all the rules and the process is carried out by a qualified technician.

Tapering - Pros and Cons

salons Customers often wonder: "As far as tapering harmful for the hair?". According to most women, this procedure triggers further hair section. According to the hairdressers with extensive experience - tapering brings only benefits, and gives a fresh hairstyle interesting look.
Yet it is worth remembering that the tapering is not for everyonepeople, the question of its use is decided depending on the type of hair. Thick strands need a procedure to maintain a healthy appearance. If the hair is thin, but the shine health, they can also be applied tapering only special scissors, razor and not the more usual scissors. Depletion and weak hair tapering clearly contraindicated, it will do no good, but only harm your hair.

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