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WHAT talk show is on the first channel

What talk show is on the first channel

Talk Show - entertaining genre TV shows, in which the ongoing debate and discussion of any topics with guest in the audience hall.

This genre on television appeared relatively recently, but already has the biggest rating among other thematic programs.

Talk shows can combine bothentertainment and information techniques, and have scenic or journalistic coloring. The first channel as the most popular channel in Russia, with an audience of about 98.8% of the population translates the huge amount of talk shows of different directions.

Talk Show of the First Channel

Each season starts the first ever new talk show, leaving it in the air and those who have long been loved by viewers. Among the programs that can be seen today:
"Politics with Peter Tolstoy"
This discussion talk show, one of the newTV, the first edition of which took place on April 11, 2014. The main themes of the transmission are political issues, and the goal - a report to the viewer the full information from experts and politicians.
"Alone with all"
The new program, which leads Julia Menshov displays of famous people to frank talk about his personal life. The program is already showing high ratings among viewers.
"They and we"
A relatively new project, revealing questionsthe relationship between men and women. Leading the program Strizhenova Ekaterina and Alexander Gordon, as well as the studio audience defend their vision of eternal problems.
"That's your business"
New psychological talk show, in which the leading disassembled with ordinary people ordinary everyday situations and are looking for a way out of difficult situations.
"Fashion sentence"
This talk show quite a long timebroadcast on the First Channel and does not lose its popularity as the main themes of the transmission - fashion and style is always relevant in people's lives. Viewers can experience firsthand the transformation of the appearance of the participants in the program and receive advice on how to change his image.
"Live healthy"
Talk Show with Dr. Elena Malysheva based onfour principles - tell visitors about life, home, food and medicine. Tips Malysheva and her co-host to help viewers understand and maintain health in the proper nutrition.
This talk show returns studio guests and audience during the Soviet era. The program does not allow people to forget about the personalities, idols, about the life and culture of the Soviet era.
In addition to these programs, there are other talk show of the First channel, including "Let's get married!", "Good health!", "Wait for me", "Pros and Cons", "Private show," "Let Them Talk" and others.

The main qualities of the genre

The talk show is notable for its simplicity of providing information to the public of all ages and social classes, making awareness of people effective and quality.
The high popularity of this genre caused a comprehensive coverage of topics, questions, discussions, allowing to develop a talk show in many different directions.

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