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WHAT swf file

What is the swf file

In SWF files stored vector graphics and animations that can be activated depending on the user's actions.

Normal SWF file can store and track.

The format is widely used on the Internet to create active content for websites and stream video and audio recordings.

Features format

SWF was originally developed by Adobe. The company has created the file type for storing active flash animation, vector graphics objects, videos and audio files. The format is widely used on the Internet. Created in the image format is displayed in a sufficiently high quality and retains its apparent clarity, even at high approximation. This advantage is due to the peculiarities of vector graphics. Despite the high quality of the image, the movie has a relatively small size, which is especially useful to users on the Internet. This feature allows progruzhat serious scripts for web sites in the shortest amount of time.
SWF is widely used in computer games,created by Flash technology. In this format held electronic presentations, create banner ads or computer animation. SWF is used when creating software. For example, the technology is very effective for writing interactive interface and programming in PHP language.

Play SWF

The SWF file is a standard for Adobe FlashPlayer. The format is played in any browser that supports Flash. To date, file playback possible even on phones running different platforms (eg, Android, iOS or Windows). In some cases, to start the application, the user may need to install additional plug-in Adobe Flash playback module, but to date the user does not always need arises. The fact that most modern programs already have built originally code that allows them to handle Flash-content.
To create a SWF file can use thespecialized designer from Adobe - Flash Professional or Adobe Flash Builder. To open a document the most commonly used browsers Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer with an additional library installed Flash. Google Chrome browser natively supports playback of Flash, because It has a built-in program module. With regard to the mobile version of Chrome, install software for playing Flash it is also not required. However, to play some of the videos in the Android standard program may also need to download additional plug-in.

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