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WHAT sunglasses fit round face shape

Which glasses suit a round face shape

Sometimes a girl with a round face is very difficult to find the correct form of points. In some they may look ridiculous in others does sound like an old-fashioned virgin.

To choose the right type of glasses for a round face, just need to know a few simple secrets and follow the fashion.



square shape glasses are perfect look for the girl with a round face. When choosing them, pay attention to the bow. They should be straight and not too thick.


Points cat form, or otherwise the cat's eye,decorate any oval face. It is only to choose the right size of glass and color. Blondes goes this type of glasses in a bright rim, brunette girl - in quieter tones.


Points butterfly girl choose a very rare, but in vain. Indeed, in these type of round face holders look feminine and elegant.


Be sure to look at the points with high arches. They visually pripodnimut your cheekbones and eyebrows make the line more clearly. The fashion is always important this type of glasses in bright colors.

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