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WHAT studying punctuation

What is studying punctuation

Functional necessity is obvious to virtually all punctuation.

Even schoolchildren remember how changed the meaning of the phrase "can not execute pardon", depending on the position of a comma in a good cartoon.

The more complex and voluminous texts, the more important the correct placement of punctuation marks, ie punctuation.

Punctuation - grammar section

Punctuation - one of the grammar sectionscodified rules of placement of punctuation marks in writing, as well as the signs themselves. Scientists can not come to a definite decision about what, exactly who invented the punctuation, but we know that in unstructured form of punctuation (or rather one sign - point) met back in the ancient Greek texts. The point is used to separate one from the other proposals, subject to the rules of oratory.
In the modern form of punctuation appeared in the Middlecentury with the development of typographic case. In the XV century Manutius brothers who owned typographic workshop, developed rules for the use of certain punctuation marks, simultaneously adding to their number. However, different European languages ​​in many ways adapted to the rules themselves, with the result that in almost every language punctuation has some significant nuances.

The most difficult to learn, but is considered the most accurate system of German punctuation.

Theories about the Russian punctuation

As for the Russian punctuation, there are three theories,who are trying to formulate its principles and functions. Supporters logical theory argue that there are only two types of punctuation: one group solves the problem of separating one sentence from another (or the parts inside the proposals from each other), while the second expresses an emotional attitude to the text.
Syntax theory comes from the fact thatplacement of punctuation entirely depends on the rules of the Russian language. However, adherents of this theory admit that these rules are based on the fact that most accurately convey the meaning of the utterance.
Finally, representatives of intonation theorypunctuation stand on the fact that the division of punctuation marks written speech made to convey the rhythmic and declamatory dismemberment of text. There is a view that punctuation rules are designed in such a way as to make it easier to read text aloud.

In addition to the mandatory rules of the use of punctuation marks, there are the so-called author's signs, using which, the writers try to convey more emotion.

All researchers agree that the punctuation- One of the most important science to significantly simplify the process of written communication. Proper use of punctuation makes it possible to receive the reader not only factual information in a convenient form, but also perceive the emotional component of the text, which is especially important for journalism and fiction. The alignment of punctuation can turn a strange text in interesting reading, transferring all the shades of meaning, so disregard the rules of punctuation is not necessary.

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