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WHAT streets can be renamed

Which streets can be renamed

In street names in the city visitors can judge for itself. When just starting to build the city, street names appeared by themselves.

They were called by trades people, on behalf of thethe person who built the first house on the geographical location and in the neighborhood temple or other public buildings. In Soviet times, it has become fashionable to give the streets names of public figures and organizations.

On the map of the city appeared a lot of the same names.

And some may be changed.

Talk about what you want to change the nameMany streets are almost all cities of Russia for many years. In the 90 years in some cities disappeared streets named in honor of the heroes of the Great October Socialist Revolution, which was seen as a coup. The attitude to its figures, the characters turned into executioners, and, respectively, on the back plate the old street names. However, it was done everywhere. The movement for the return of the old name exists in our time, and it is possible that other streets will be called otherwise than it is now.

One of the tasks of the movement - to ensure that a cardCities have disappeared the names of people whose activities cause the slightest doubt. The first is political and public figures of the Soviet era, as well as some international organizations.

They can be changed as cacophonous name. As a rule, they appear spontaneously, and only after they have entered into documents. This occurred not only in the Middle Ages, but also more recently. These streets are often appeared on the outskirts of large cities or in the newly built settlements. If the name does not carry any historical information, it can be changed.

The question of renaming streets authority decideslocal self-government. When the municipal administration there is a Commission for the name change. She makes a decision, and then sends the document prepared by the local council. The final verdict is issued MPs. The procedure for renaming determined by the charter of the municipality. Many cities require the consent of residents.

Having decided that you need the name of your streetchange, discuss it with other people. Ask how you can change it. Make an appeal to the local authority. Justify your suggestions. It is very useful to collect signatures from residents, even if the statute does not require a survey or a referendum.

Give his address the head of the localadministration. Usually, he heads the commission to rename. Such letters are treated in the same manner as all other citizens' appeals. It can be sent by regular mail, registered mail with notification by e-mail or transmit through the Secretary. In the first two cases, you must send a response that the letter is received. In the last - print the document in duplicate and make sure that the Secretary of the registered letter. We consider such applications within 30 days. You may be invited to a meeting of the commission. Prepare for any questions.

Renaming streets is associated with seriousfinancial expenses. It is necessary not only to alter signs on the houses. All institutions that are on the street, will be forced to change registration documents, printing, and so on. N. Therefore, municipalities usually are reluctant to such changes.

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