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WHAT stomatitis

Compliance with hygiene helps prevent stomatitis

There are several types of stomatitis, each of which can be caused by external factors, medication intolerance, poor hygiene standards.

Canker sores can be a separate disease, and a complication of the existing ones.

Types of stomatitis

Stomatitis - an inflammatory diseaseoral mucosa. The mucosa of the oral cavity in communication with the external environment and can easily be exposed to all kinds of irritants: mechanical, thermal, chemical, microbial, viral, physical, allergic (exo- or endoallergenov). The most common manifestation of irritants is precisely stomatitis.
Stomatitis often can be combined with otherinflammatory diseases, but do not confuse it with glossitis, where the impact is subject to the language, cheilitis, amaze lips palatinit being sky condition. Depending on the causes and symptoms of the following types of stomatitis: allergic, catarrhal, canker, fungal, herpetic, traumatic.

Symptoms of stomatitis

The most common type is the catarrhalstomatitis, which are signs of redness and swelling of the oral mucosa. Such stomatitis can be triggered by failure to comply with the elementary rules of hygiene.
Allergic stomatitis may occur asconsequently the body's hypersensitivity to certain chemical stimuli, which may well become a medical facility. Allergic stomatitis often occur when wearing complete dentures elderly people, since the plastic, the material of the prosthesis, and contains a dye residual monomer. If there is a problem, replace the prosthesis plastic to colorless.
Fungal stomatitis is characterized by white bloomon the mucosa, which can be removed when scraping. In people, the disease is called thrush. Stomatitis caused by fungal yeast fungi that belong to genus Candida.
By herpetic stomatitis causes infection by the herpes virus.
If canker sores in the mouth sores are observed - sprue - with red edging around the periphery. For such stomatitis is characterized by seasonal exacerbation in the autumn-winter period.
Traumatic stomatitis occurs as a result of mechanical damage of inflammation in the oral cavity.

Among the common symptoms of thrush can be identified such as:
- Spontaneous increase in temperature tela-
- Bad appetit-
- Anxiety, tearfulness (in the case of a child) -
- Raid on slizistoy-
- yazvochki-
- Bad smell from the mouth polosti-
- Redness and inflammation of the oral mucosa.

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