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What is Stendhal's novel Red and Black


"Red and black" - a classic novel by the French writer Henri Marie Beyle, better known under the pseudonym Stendhal.

The book became one of the first and most striking examples of a psychological novel.

Red or black: how Julien Sorel became himself

The protagonist of the novel is a young man fromA wealthy family named Julien Sorel. Clever by nature, persistent and not devoid of talent, the young man suffocates within the limits of his philistine family. It was the time of post-Napoleonic France - the time of restoration and "lethargy" in all spheres of life of the then society. Julien dreams of glory, of a high position in the world, but to a man from a simple family the road is closed there. Fifteen years ago a young man could become a colonel at the age of thirty and a marshal at forty. Today, for this, you need a noble title, connections and money.
The only and shortest way up -Climb the ladder of the church hierarchy, which chooses Julien. Here he succeeds: he is a brilliant student, he can recite the scriptures by heart and for others it is obvious that in the future he can easily count on the red robes of a bishop or even a cardinal. However, this way is not to the liking of Sorel's hot heart and he still dreams about another field of application of his talents. Therefore, he does not hesitate to use the first loophole, which allows you to turn off this path.

The novel was based on a real case from the court practice: the case of a blacksmith who shot his mistress.

Monsieur D'Renal - a rustic aristocrat, in the houseWhich Julien teaches sacred scripture and Latin. He thus entered the coveted aristocratic world, but is not a part of it. He is a stranger at this ball, to which Mr. D'Renal himself points very clearly and often. Julien can not bear this attitude, and he "beats" the arrogant arrogant at the weakest point - his young wife. What was originally conceived as revenge grows into a sincere mutual feeling, and he achieves her love. This, of course, can not finish well, and the young man leaves the Renalay house with a scandal, leaving for the seminary of the city of Besancon.

Julien and Matilda

Again he was there, from where he sought to escape. A red officer's uniform, and not the black priests of the priest, sees Sorel. Very soon he again escapes, and in the same way. This time the object of his attention is the young Matilda de La Mole, only this time Julien knew exactly what he needed from the owner of the desired title. The young girl fell in love with him without a memory.
The old Marquis, Matilda's father,That his daughter is in love with a commoner, is honestly trying to improve the situation and avoid scandal. Publicity for him - shame, the feelings of his daughter - are sacred, so he decides to play a win-win game: get Julien Sorel title. But before this - a simple formality: a few references to the past of a young man.

The name "Red and Black" remained a mystery for literary critics. Stendhal did not leave even brief notes revealing this riddle.

Julien triumphs - he is one step away fromFulfilling their dreams. But it is not destined to come true - the past overtakes him at the most inopportune moment. A brief retelling of recent events in a letter from Ms. Renal puts an end to Sorel's plans. She is not only offended by Julien's intention to marry another, but also sees the true goals of the young careerist. However, she could not imagine how far he could go, seeing the collapse of his hopes, and to what tragedy it would lead all the heroes of this story. Julien's dreams collapsed overnight. They were destroyed by the only woman he loved. Point in history will put a pistol shot, after which Sorel will lose his head, and Mrs. Renal miraculously survive. However, the tragedy will not end there, and by the will of Stendhal, she will die three days after the death of her lover.

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