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What a novel by Stendhal The Red and the Black

Marie Henri Beyle (Stendhal)

"Red and Black" - a classic novel by French writer Henri Marie Beyle, better known under the pseudonym Stendhal.

The book became one of the first and most outstanding examples of the psychological novel.

Red or Black: Julien Sorel became a

The main character - a young man froma wealthy family by the name of Julien Sorel. Clever by nature, persistent, and not devoid of talent the young man suffocating in its middle-class family. There was a time, post-Napoleonic France - the restoration and "slackness" in all sectors of life of the society. Julien dreams of glory, a high position in the world, but from a simple family man to the road is closed. Fifteen years ago, a young man could in thirty years become a colonel, and in the forty - Marshal. Today it needs a title of nobility, communications and money.
The only and the shortest way to the top -climbing stairs of the church hierarchy, which chooses Julien. Here he succeed: he is a brilliant student can recite scripture, and to others it is clear that in the future he can easily count on the red robe of the bishop or even a cardinal. However, this path does not like warm heart Sorel and he still dreams of another field application of their talents. Therefore, he does not hesitate to use the first as a loophole that allows to turn off this path.

The basis of the novel, a real case of judicial practice has been put: it is a blacksmith who shot his mistress.

Monsieur D'Renal - rustic aristocrat in the housewhich Julien taught scripture and Latin. He thus entered the coveted aristocratic world, but is not part of it. He - a stranger at this ball, what he clearly and often indicates mister D'Renal. Demolish such an attitude can not afford to Julien, and he "beats" arrogant aristocrat in the weakest point - his young wife. What at first conceived as a place turns into a genuine mutual feeling, and he sought her love. Good is, of course, can not end, and the young man with the scandal left the house Renal, having left the seminary to do in the city of Besancon.

Julien and Mathilde

Again, it was there, where sought to escape. Red officer's uniform, not the black cassock of the priest sees himself at Sorel. Very soon, he escapes again, and in the same way. This time the object of his attention becomes young Mathilde de la Mole, only this time Julien knew exactly what he wanted from the holders of the coveted title. A young girl is in love with him without memory.
Old Marquis, father of Matilda, shocked,that his daughter is in love with a commoner, honestly trying to rectify the situation and avoid a scandal. The publicity for it - shame, daughter of feelings - is sacred, so he decides to play a win-win game: get the title of Julien Sorel. But before that - a mere formality: a few inquiries about the past of the young man.

The name "Red and Black" and remains a mystery to scholars of literature. Stendhal did not leave even the brief notes that reveal the mystery.

Julien triumphs - he is one step away fromfulfillment of their dreams. But she was not destined to come true - the past catches up with him at the most inopportune moment. A brief retelling of recent developments in a letter from Ms Renal puts an end to the plans of Sorel. It not only offended Julien's intention to marry another, but also sees the true goals of the young careerist. However, she could not guess how far he can go, seeing the collapse of their hopes, and to a tragedy this would lead all the characters of the story. Dreams Julien collapsed overnight. They destroyed the only woman he loved. A point in the history will put a pistol shot, followed by Sorel lose their heads, and Mrs. Renal miraculously survive. However, this tragedy is not over, and at the behest of Stendhal and she goes from life three days after his lover's death.

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