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Spring - one of the oldest, time-tested parts of the vehicle suspension.

Once the use of the springs was considered the only way to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

Today, a host of other elements of the suspension, but the springs are still used today.

Spring - a French word, which is translatedas a "spring." This part of modern cars suspension once widely used in the manufacture of horse carts, including coaches. Horse-drawn carriage afford only wealthy people could on its springs. Today, the springs are used in the construction of car suspensions. The main objective of this invention - to ensure the smooth progress, smoothing shocks occurring due to road irregularities. This item makes not only a comfortable ride - this element helps to deliver to the destination safely, the safety of fragile cargo, and that led to further major use of the springs on trucks.

As spring provides a smooth ride

Under the smoothness designers meanthe extent to which the vehicle vibration. The main factor influencing the "tryaskost" is the oscillation frequency of car constructed on the suspension. The frequency depends on the ratio of stiffness to mass suspension vertically. If the mass is increased, the spring stiffness should be greater, and conversely. The problem of using springs in a small car that "favorable" rigidity is achieved by increasing the load (cargo), which may be different. Therefore, the higher it is, the more comfortable cars. But, statistics show that most passenger car operated at minimum load (one driver in the cabin) - so the springs are mainly used in the creation of freight cars.

The design springs

The most common type of spring -multiblade. This design, which includes multiple sheets, made of carbon steel, is considered more reliable. Such suspension consists of several narrow sheets of metal (usually 7), fastened together in a single package by means of a central bolt. Wherein the first sheet located on, the remaining thickness of at least 1 mm. The upper side of each sheet in the manufacturing process is subjected to shot blasting to increase durability.
To eliminate lateral displacement of the sheets, theirfurther tightening the clamps, which number - not less than 3. Each yoke is attached to the bottom sheet by means of metal rivets. The top ends of the clamp tightened by a nut, bolt or stud. The ends of the top sheet in the form of bent lugs, through which part attached to the vehicle frame. Fixing is carried out not directly but through the brackets, made of ductile iron. Inside the ears of the top sheet rubber plugs inserted to ensure soft and at the same time secure connection with the spring spar frame. Care springs is simple and consists mainly in the tightening straps and clean sheets against dirt.

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