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WHAT Soviet magazine is published so far

What Soviet magazine is published so far

The older generation of Russians like to remember asa lot of interesting press published during the Soviet era. Then, in each mailbox postmen they brought not only newspapers, but magazines - literature, children's, educational and professional.

Some media could not compete or lost relevance in the 1990s.

But there are those that have been preserved and are published to this day.

About books and nature

Some former Soviet magazines actuallyWe have experienced more than one change of formations, because there were still in tsarist Russia. Among them, "Around the World", created in 1860. This is one of the most published magazines in our country today. The number of copies reaches 250 thousand. In each room you can read about the events that took place in different parts of the globe in the same month of a given year, about the history of the usual things about the life of people in different countries and stories of travelers. Richly illustrated texts, including pictures from exotic countries, of the cosmos. In addition, the editorial staff selects interesting reviews innovations in machinery, beverages, cars, health products, the book market and introduces the curious notes of the log file.

From literary magazines in Russia continuespublished, for example, the "New World". Thanks to the liberal direction and before the publication of the works of banned publication has gained special popularity in the 1960s and reached a peak of popularity in 1990, when a circulation of 2.6 million copies. Now the circulation fluctuates between 4,000 and 7,000 copies. The editors said their basic principles of conservatism and academicism and historicism.

Also survived the change of times and the Soviet magazine "Roman-gazeta". It is still published works of the venerable and young authors on both topical issues and the history of the country.

Today, the light goes further and "Children's Novel-newspaper", which is available with the prose and poetry, created specifically for students.

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Fans of "Foreign Literature" alsocontinue to follow this set up in the Soviet Union journal. He retained a solid volume (288 strips each month) and tradition to acquaint readers with the novelties of foreign literature. It can now be the first to read the text translation winners of prestigious awards - the Nobel, Booker, Goncourt.

The best - to children

Even more children survived the Soviet journals. "Murzilka", created in 1924, even got into the Guinness Book of Records as the edition for children with the most long-lived species. It continues to publish the texts of the classics of Russian literature and contemporary Russian authors. Also, there is almost no change and "Fun".

Both publications nowadays have become glossy and expanded content, including new educational and informative column.

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"Bonfire" and "Pioneer" completely changed over the yearsappearance. Now they have in common with the Soviet prototypes only the name. They are devoted to non-life children's public organizations, and the development of pupils, education and entertainment.

But the magazine "Young Naturalist", "Young technician" and"Technology - Youth" is easily recognizable today. They continue to talk to teenagers about science in accessible language, but their circulations have fallen significantly as compared with the period of the Soviet Union.

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