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WHAT sopromat

What sopromat

Sopromat - Mechanics section, the discipline that is taught in schools with technical orientation.

Sopromat has a specific techniquecalculations that require analytical thinking and spatial imagination, so with his help, we can solve the problem, which can not handle the theoretical mechanics.

Fundamentals of strength of materials

Science examines the strength of materialsmethods of calculation of materials, products and structures for such characteristic qualities as strength, rigidity and stability, while meeting the reliability, durability and economy. For ease of pronunciation, called science - sopromat.
Sopromat based on concepts such as strength, rigidity and stability, stress, strain, resistance, and complex internal forces.
The strength called a material's ability to counteract the applied loads without destroying it.
Stiffness - the ability of a material under external influence, to maintain the geometric dimensions within acceptable limits.
Resistance is the ability to maintain a stable shape and placement by external influences.
When a force acts on the body, thenthe body there are internal forces that oppose this force. If the external force prevails over the inside, the body deformation occurs. There are angular deformation (cross-sections rotation) and linear (lengthening, shortening, shear).
To measure the strain in the laboratory, are a variety of devices: mechanical, opto-mechanical, electrical and pneumatic gauges.

Application sopromata

The basis of the strength of materials science based on the following: mathematics, physics, materials science, engineering mechanics. Applied strength of materials in the design and construction of engineering structures, mechanisms and products.
Durability structures in the design,determined by depletion theory - the science that deals with the conditions under which the materials are destroyed under external loads. Depending on the load conditions and most types of materials can be referred to brittle plastic or both types at once. In practical situations, the materials are either clearly fragile either plastic.
Sopromat is not an exact science, becauseformulas are derived based on assumptions, how can behave this or that material. When designing buildings and structures, all of the material strength characteristics are determined with a certain margin, because results obtained using the materials discipline resistance are estimated.
Strength of materials is one of the most complex sciences. Its study requires special attention.

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