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WHAT SLR differs from the soap dish

The SLR is different from the soap dish

In today's world, the differences between the mirror andcompact digital camera erased. This is due to the fact that manufacturers are trying to affect a greater number of target audiences, but because they create so-called "psevdozerkalki", "Semi-" and "advanced Soap".

That's why today so difficult to determine what is the difference between a digital SLR camera and the usual digital.

Nevertheless, it is worth trying to do it.

"SLR" and "Soap": unit weight, price

Primarily, reflex digital cameradifferent from the usual internal device. The first is a mirror, projecting the image on the film or matrix. For it is not broke, with "reflex" must be handled very carefully, try not to drop them. "Soap" also encompasses the light-sensitive matrix, and the processed information is stored in digital form.

Other features are not always essential asdifferences between the two types of cameras - as mentioned at the beginning - now deleted. Nevertheless, in most cases, you can rely on size and weight. "SLR" mostly heavy, "Soap" - Lightweight and compact.

Price specular and normal digital camera is usually different. The second - much more expensive than first - cheaper. However, there may even be an exception.

"SLR" and "Soap": setting the picture size, the scope of use

Compact "digital camera" - a universal devicefor photographing. He can count on the average quality of images, and it has no complicated settings and does not require special knowledge for beginners. A "reflex" is a high-quality basis for the upgrade. For example, when replacing the lens can get a different color effect, "zoom", etc. SLR digital cameras offer many opportunities for creative approach to photography, they can not be limited to the automatic mode.

"SLR" allow you to retrieve imagesRAW format - uncompressed data, which provide comprehensive information about the signal and allow to conduct further work on the photo. A "boom box" usually allow you to save images only in graphic format JPEG. It is very convenient for those who want to get the pictures that can be used immediately - to place on his page on the social network, send an email to a friend, etc. But for high-quality image processing is required is a "raw» RAW format. It is used by professional photographers, retouchers and photographers.

The latter distinction which today is not somuch as a few years ago, is the sphere of use. First SLR cameras were only used by professional photographers and compact "digicam" were intended for amateurs. At the present time to buy a digital SLR devices has become very fashionable.

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