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Than the SLR differs from a soap box

What a differs from a soap dish</a>

In today's world, the differences between mirror andCompact digital camera are erased. This is due to the fact that manufacturers try to affect a larger number of target audiences, and therefore they create so-called "pseudo-mirrors", "semiprofes" and "improved soap boxes".

That is why it is so difficult today to determine what is the difference between a digital SLR and a conventional digital camera.

Nevertheless, it is worth trying to do this.

"Mirrors" and "soap boxes": device, weight, price

First of all, a mirror digital cameraDiffers from the usual internal device. In the first, there is a mirror projecting an image onto a film or matrix. So that it does not break, it is necessary to handle with "SLRs" very carefully, try not to drop them. "Soap dish" also includes a light sensitive matrix, and the processed information is stored digitally.

Other signs are not always significant, sinceThe differences between the two types of cameras - as already mentioned at the beginning - are being erased today. Nevertheless, in most cases, you can rely on the dimensions and weight. "Mirrors" are mostly heavy, "soap boxes" - light and compact.

The price of a mirror and a conventional digital camera is usually different. The second is much more expensive, the first one is cheaper. However, even here there can be exceptions.

"Mirrors" and "soapboxes": settings, image format, scope of use

Compact "digicam" - a universal deviceFor taking photographs. With it, you can rely on the average quality of images, while it does not have complex settings and does not require special knowledge for beginners. And "SLRs" are a high-quality base for upgrading. For example, when replacing lenses, you can get a different color effect, "zoom", etc. Mirror digital cameras give a lot of opportunities for a creative approach to photography, they allow not to be limited to automatic modes only.

"Mirrors" allow you to extract images inRAW format - uncompressed data, which give complete information about the signal and allow further work on the photo. And "soapboxes" usually allow you to save images only in the JPEG graphic format. It is very convenient for those who want to get photos that can be used right away - put on their page in a social network, email them to friends, etc. But for high-quality image processing, the raw RAW format is needed. It is used by professional photographers, retouchers and photographers.

The last difference, which today is not soNoticeably, like a few years ago, is the sphere of use. Before, SLR cameras were used only by professional photographers, and compact "digital cameras" were designed for amateurs. At present, buying digital SLR devices has become very fashionable.

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