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WHAT sketchbooks

What's sketchbooks

About conduct of sketchbooks today can be heard on many creative people, and in educational institutions on a specialty related to the drawing, take sketchbooks as a portfolio.

What is this sketchbooks and who can not do without him?

Sketchbooks, or an album for sketches

Sketchbooks literally translated as an album for sketches (sketch - a sketch). In the past, in Russia it is so called, but a shorter English word quickly caught on.
Almost everyone who is interested in graphics,painting, sculpture, or who in any way associated with the work, has sketchbooks. Notebooks for sketching ideas are necessary to artists, architects, designers and advertisers.
For creative people, even if their workis associated with something else, sketchbooks often plays the role of a diary: you can sketch the impressions, interesting finds, and just keep it for fun. A very popular destination is the management of travel-beech or a diary of the trip, in which you can sketch the impressions, paste pictures, tickets and generally do whatever comes to mind.
Professionals and did the same without sketchbooks not do. Artists generally have several sketchbooks for different purposes.
Typically sketchbooks - a small notebook size,which is convenient to always have with you. He - like notebook, drawing only. There are also large sketchbooks, which are necessary when artists purposefully plan projects an impressive size, for example, it is difficult to make a detailed sketch for the painting and a half to two meters in a pocket notebook.
Regular maintenance of sketchbooks - useful exercise,and if creativity is your profession, and even necessary. Sketches help get hand in drawing and improve their skills in composition, moreover, so long you keep your ideas and impressions. Even if the first sketches a shame someone show that is no reason for feelings. All to start somewhere.

What sketchbooks choose?

Someone buys a branded sketchbooks with good paper and a nice design, decent, and who is using children's sketchbooks: only up to you what to choose.
However, to buy exactly what you need to do is, first of all, focus on a few points:
1. Paper. It varies in color, brightness, density, texture, fitness for a particular material and your emotional perception (it is also very important!).
2. The size of sketchbooks. You want to carry it with you in your bag or to keep on the shelf? Draw in the open air with a sketchbook, or where it is necessary?
3. Format. Square, rectangular, elongated: What do you like and what suits your goals?
4. Type of binding: it can be a spring, a soft or hardcover book, sewn pages, east bound ... Fantasy creators is boundless, so is, to choose from.
5. Availability of the tablet. The tablet - a hard piece of cardboard, which acts as a cover on the back of sketchbooks. He needs to be able to comfortably draw, even if the table is not at hand will be.

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