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WHAT Simoron or Yourself wizard

What Simoron or Yourself wizard

Simoron - a kind of magic game that can bring quite tangible real results. Unlike traditional magic rituals simoronskie created in the course of action.

Here, there is no hard and fast rules.

It turns out that almost every person can become a real magician and try to change their lives for the better.

The simoronskie rituals differ from traditional magic

In magic, there are clear rules definedspells and magical items, without which it will simply ritual. Here you have to come into contact with otherworldly forces, and it is very much at risk. Most religions are against magic classes, calling wizards helpers of Satan.

Simoron, by and large, has nothingin common with the traditional magic rituals. This kind of game that helps cheer up and charge the person with positive energy. Fans simoronskih rituals argue during their implementation need to catch a certain mood when the whole world seems to you a friendly and cheerful. It is in these moments you conceived must necessarily be fulfilled. If all steps are performed automatically, without a sincere belief in success and without a spirit, then all simoronskie rituals will not have magical powers.

How to invent rituals simoronskie

Simoron - a fun magic, a kind of a very exciting game that can be played alone or in a noisy company.

Since this technique, there is no common, clearly defined rules, and rituals, you can invent your own. Usually, at the very beginning of the action have a clue how to do it.

For example, get on your phone thisJinnah. That he will fulfill your desires. Download the appropriate image in the phone and by reference to the gin, rub the phone's body, then open the picture, and that's your personal desires performer ready to come to your aid. Talk to him, tell him about your current problems, ask for help do not forget to thank at the end.

In fact, come up with appropriate ritualsnot difficult. Here the main thing - to believe that everything will surely come. In discussion forums Simoron fans to share their personal experiences, describing them invented rituals that really work and help them in life.

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