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WHAT is Signs


What are Signals</a>

The first sign appeared only a few years ago, but already managed to gain mass distribution and win great popularity among young people.

And some craftsmen even learned how to make money using them.

What is a signal?

Signals (from the English. Sign) are photographs that depict a person, and on his body is written the name or nickname of the one to whom the signal is addressed. And it is important that this inscription was genuine, and not made with the help of a photoshop. Most often girls send signals to young people, and they, in turn, to girls.
Signes are "the brainchild of social networks". Initially, they were written on paper. And then the girl took her picture, holding this piece of paper, and sent it to the guy. A deeper form of manifestation of sympathy is the writing of Signa on the body. Modest people preferred to make inscriptions on hands, fingers, palms, feet. Fans of more piquant photos leave inscriptions on the hips, abdomen, back or intimate parts of the body.
The first signals were sent, as they say, "forThank you ", but the more enterprising youth representatives, who have outstanding external data, decided to do this business and ask for sending a signa voice. The scheme of work is simple: for example, a man sends a certain number of votes to a girl, and she rewards him with a cherished sigma for it. Of course, not the safest way, but many trust their Internet interlocutors, so do not stint on the votes.
Nevertheless, recently a large number ofNumber of fake accounts. Some even put photos and videos on their page to prove that this account belongs to them, but they write a price list for the signals alongside. It's just necessary to order a sign on a certain part of the body, translate voices and wait. Sometimes such "businessmen" after receiving votes immediately transfer the customer to the blacklist. Obviously, he will not receive his own signal.

What are Signals Made For?

Goals can be asked to be greata bunch of. First, in this way it will be possible to make sure that the person in the network is hiding behind the person for whom he is betraying himself. It happens that one is asked to send a sign immediately, if a person does it quickly, then one should hardly doubt the veracity of his words. If he pulls time, then in the photo, most likely not he.
Secondly, with the help of Signal it will be possibleDemonstrate their sympathy. Thirdly, the signal is a kind of analogue of the autograph. If you received a signal from a very nice guy or girl, then she can boast to friends.

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