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WHAT Signa

What Signa

Signa first appeared a few years ago, but have already managed to get mass distribution and to gain more popularity among young people.

Some craftsmen even learned to use them to make money.

What Signa?

Signa (from the English. sign) are called the photos, which depicts a man and his body is written the name or nickname of whom addressed Signa. Moreover, it is important that this inscription was genuine and not made using Photoshop. Most often, the girls are sent Signa young people, and they, in turn, girls.
Signa - a "child of social networking." Initially, they were written on a piece of paper. And then she did her photo, holding in hands this piece of paper, and sent her boyfriend. A deeper form of manifestation of sympathy considered writing a Signa on the body. Skromniki preferred to make the inscriptions on the hands, fingers, palms, soles of the feet. Fans of a more risque photo left inscriptions on the thighs, abdomen, back or intimate parts of the body.
Signa first went, as they say, "forthank you ", but more enterprising youth representatives, with outstanding external data, we decided to make this a real business and asking for sending voice Signa. The scheme works is simple: for example, a man sends a girl to a certain number of votes, and she rewards him for that cherished Signe. Of course, not the safest way, but many rely on their online interlocutors, so do not skimp on the voice.
However, a large latelythe number of phishing web accounts. Some even put on your page pictures and video to prove that this account belongs to them, but a number of written price list for Signa. Just be ordered CIGNA to certain parts of the body, to transfer voice and wait. Sometimes these "entrepreneurs" after receiving a vote immediately transferred to the customer in the black list. Obviously, their Signe he did not receive.

What made Signa?

Goals ask CIGNA can be greata bunch of. In the first place, so it will be able to make sure that the nickname for the network hides the man for whom he claims to be. Often they ask to send Signe immediately if the person did it quickly, then one can hardly doubt the veracity of his words. If it is to play for time, then the photo, most likely, is not it.
Secondly, it manages using Signademonstrate their sympathy. Third, the Signa - a kind of analogue of the autograph. If you come from Signa very nice guy or a girl, she can boast to your friends.

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