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How is the most difficult sign of the zodiac?


Which sign of the zodiac is the most difficult</a>

The zodiac cycle is divided into 12 signs, which in turn are divided into four groups of elements: water, air, fire and earth.

Each zodiac sign has its own characteristic, in which positive and negative qualities are described in detail.



It is worth noting that the unanimous opinion aboutOf what sign of the zodiac is the most difficult, perhaps not, because each sign is filled with both positive qualities and negative inherent in its owners. However, there is still one sign, which is most often mentioned with the characteristic of "complex character" - this is the enigmatic sign of Scorpio, which refers to the water element.


Many astrologers unanimously say thatScorpio is one of the compound words, in which all the qualities are intertwined, both good and bad, often contradictory and hypertrophied. People born under this sign are secretive, choose their circle of communication carefully, as they constantly expect some kind of dirty trick from others. Scorpions are very sensitive to close people, but at the same time they constantly analyze their behavior, external features, if they find even the slightest disadvantage, they will be happy to make all the criticisms.


By themselves Scorpios are very stubborn people andAchieve their goals in any way, they are not afraid of difficulties, overcome their diligence and perseverance, that's why among Scorpios there are so many workaholics who demand the same fanatical attitude from their colleagues and even more so of subordinates.


Controls this sign of the zodiac planet Pluto,So Scorpios can seem outwardly calm and even cold, but in reality they are very emotional and even sometimes unbalanced. Probably, it is this tendency to disguise, conceal one's own feelings and makes many people consider Scorpios as complex, ambiguous people.


Scorpios must necessarily have faith in life,It is on this will build their entire system of values, but if it does not, Scorpios will acquire a propensity for self-destruction. Often they act as a leader, the "gray cardinal". They skillfully manipulate other people, thereby quickly and confidently paving the way for their own happiness. This sign has a powerful natural charm, allowing you to easily enter various companies of people, but at the same time close to yourself not to allow anyone.


Friendship for Scorpios is sacred, despiteVisible contradictions with even very close people, Scorpios, like no one, are correct: if a loved one needs help, then Scorpio will do everything possible. But in the destruction of his enemy, Scorpio will spare neither the strength nor the time: they are so touchy that they can harbor insults for life.


Such a complex and contradictory character is not alwaysHelps scorpions, because managing their emotions is difficult enough, besides, excessive straightforwardness often plays a cruel joke with star arachnids.

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