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WHAT zodiac sign is the most difficult

Which zodiac sign is the most difficult

The zodiacal cycle is divided into 12 signs, which in turn are divided into four elements: water, air, fire and earth.

Each zodiac sign has its own characteristics, which in detail the positive and negative qualities described.



It should be noted that the unanimous opinion aboutwhat zodiac sign is the most difficult, perhaps not, as each character is filled with both positive and negative qualities inherent to its owners. However, there are still a single character, which are more likely to mention the characteristic of "complex nature" - a mysterious sign of Scorpio, which belongs to the water element.


Many astrologers unanimously sayScorpio is one of the slozhnosochinennogo signs, which are intertwined all the qualities, both good and bad, often contradictory and exaggerated. People born under this sign, secretive, choose your social circle carefully, as always waiting for some kind of trick on the part of others. Scorpios are sensitive to loved ones, but it is constantly analyzing their behavior, external features, if they find the slightest fault, will be happy to make all the criticism.


Themselves Scorpions are very stubborn people andachieve their goals by any means, they are not afraid of difficulties, overcome their hard work and perseverance, so it is among scorpions so many workaholics who require the same fanatical attitude and by his colleagues and especially subordinates.


Manages this sign of the zodiac planet Pluto,Scorpions therefore may appear outwardly calm and even cold, but in fact they are very emotional and sometimes even unbalanced. Probably, this is the tendency to cover up, conceal their own feelings and forces many people to consider Scorpions complex, ambiguous.


Scorpions must always have faith in life,on this will build their entire value system, if it is not, the Scorpions will acquire a tendency to self-destruction. Often they act in a leadership role, "the gray cardinal". They skillfully manipulated by other people, thereby quickly and confidently paving the way for his own happiness. This sign has a strong natural charm, which allows easily enter the various companies of people, but no one close to him not to allow.


Friendship for the Scorpions - the holy, despiteapparent contradictions even with very close friends, Scorpios, like nobody, true: if a loved one need help, the Scorpio will do everything possible. But in the destruction of your enemy Scorpio will not spare any effort or time: they are so touchy that may harbor resentment for life.


Such a complex and contradictory nature is not alwaysIt helps Scorpios, because to manage their emotions rather difficult, besides excessive straightforwardness often plays a cruel joke with stellar arachnid.

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